On Another Note

On Another Note - came about from my wandering through Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and all over the internet. I often find something I want to share but don't have a real post to build around it so for now I will post them under this heading.

I found this on Instagram and jump for joy because it is awesome and FREE! Hunter's Design Studio | Cool patterns + sassy stuff! And the home of We Are $ew Worth It!



So click on the link above or take a look on instagram at Sam Hunter Sam @ Hunter's Design Studio (@huntersds) • Instagram photos and videos


I was very crushed when the ladies who ran A Lovely Year Of Finishes decided to stop their monthly linky party for goal setting. I tried each month to participate and it just didn't always happen. But it was a great Linky and I enjoyed visiting different blogs and seeing what was going on. Great way to figure out trends that way.

Well yesterday, I found out Heidi of Red Letter Quilts: One Monthly Goal: OMG Inaugural Launch! has started OMG and it runs pretty much the same way. So, I will be adding it to my sidebar and try to be a little better at posting 7 days at the beginning of each month and during the last 7. Looks to be fun.


Moda has a new book out Moda All-Stars All in a Row! The designer blog hop just ended but you can find all their rows on Facebook Allinarowquiltalong Moda and Martingale are going to have a contest! One I am considering entering! You might want to join along too! To read more take a look here (30) Allinarowquiltalong on Facebook! All the proceeds from the book will be going to feed hungry children! Which has me wanting to buy the book, so why not make some rows to enter the contest on Facebook. The sad part about the contest is it is just for the US and Canada.

The money from the book sales will go to the organization below.

I am in Kentucky staying in the hospital with my daughter. Routine stuff but We will be her. Thank you! Lisa



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