Thursday, April 21, 2016

Did You Know

Hello Everyone! Happy Thursday!

Did you know that if you follow "In The Boon Docks", I always check to see if you have a blog and follow your blog back! I try to always friend back on Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know that my blog mailing bill averages about $50 a month!

Did you know I hate waiting on a blog to load because of the ads!

Did you know that "In The Boon Docks", makes no money $$$, (I will disclose I do get free product sometimes). I blog for the fun of getting to know people not for income.

Did you know that I am a professional at nothing but love to try most anything. Learning new skills is how to keep your brain working. (So I heard some place)!

Did you know that My Blogging Goal for 2016 is to have 1,000 blog Followers on Bloglovin. If you don't follow by Bloglovin please consider it!

Link>>>>>> In The Boon Docks | Bloglovin’

Did you know I knew nothing about blogging when I started 4 years ago! Iwanted to enter a contest and you had to have a blog. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants. I learned as I went along and asked a lot of question of other bloggers.


Did you know I'd like to learn something about YOU! So, leave a comment telling what kind of things your like to see on this blog! Please don't say me jumping out of a plane, I did that at 30!

You are wonderful people out there and I appreciate that you take the time to stop by! Create and be Unique! Lisa

Did you know a friend and I are doing a sew along of this dress in the Summer and if you want to sew along I have a code that will save you money. Just leave a comment telling me you want to play along!



  1. I hate it too, when you jump onto a blog & it's so slow to load because of ads ... or there are pop-ups that keep popping up & annoying the heck out of you!

  2. What do you mean with your blog mailing bill? Does it cost you money to email? I'm feeling a bit dense! emilyste7ens at gmail dot com

  3. I'd like to have a blog too,but I know nothing about starting one up. I use Instagram to post pics of the stuff I make. I love to sew. I started sewing late in life. I wanted to make clothes for my youngest daughter, so I just jumped in feet first. Taught myself. I had so many scraps left from sewing for her that I decided to make a quilt. So I stared quilting. Which generated more scraps. Lol! Good thing I like scrappy quilts.

  4. No ads for my blog either. I don't blog to make money. Glad you get some freebies. My favorite things are quilts. Traditional, applique or art. I like it all.

  5. I have followed via Bloglovin and email for a long time so I'm good. Sadly, I can't add my name as a new follower to help reach your goal.

    The ads are driving me crazy lately because I know many want to make money from their blogs so I just deal with the ads, but if they are obnoxious I stop following them. Lately however, there is some ad which I haven't figured out yet, other than most blogs that are connected with BlogHer I'm almost positive have something new that makes them constantly refresh and then ads reload. It's really getting bad and sadly, that is on a very large number of the blogs I am following. What's so frustrating is it freezes the page so you can't scroll or anything at all while it's refreshing, and it's not fast. THANK YOU for not having all that on your blog!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mark me present! I always enjoy your blog.

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  8. As VickiT I'm a fan and follower on Bloglovin' since a long time ago, so I can't help you for reaching this specific goal, I already did!
    If you want to know something about me, I'm French, and blogging since 10 years, only about quilting and sewing related. I have another blog (without ad too!) for other interests.
    I love reading your blog, I love quilting tips, lessons, tutorials, tools, and learning new techniques!
    No, do not jump again out of a plane ;-)

  9. Yes, I am a follower here...not sure about Bloglovin. Don't mind the ads but what I have noticed in my 4 years of blogging is how some blogs become overly business driven and loose their personal touch which I find a bit of a pity as this is what blogging is about for me.

  10. Hi, Lisa - I follow both on Bloglovin' but my email following is where I actually read my blogs. I have my own blog, but must admit it has fallen in disuse lately. Partly for good reason, but partly because life is so hectic. Blogs take time and commitment. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary - the quilting community is a fantastic place to spend your time. I know that's why I keep coming back!

  11. I don't have my own blog and at this time really don't have the time! lol I enjoy the updates from other bloggers on new patterns, fabrics and quilts or projects they are working on. Quilt on!

  12. I agree with you. I do some affiliate ads on my blog, but they don't increase load time as far as I can tell.
    I have a youtube channel and I removed the ads because the income was less than what I consider the aggravation of ads when trying to learn something.
    I just like to see what you are creating and working with.

  13. I am recently retired and the whole blogging world developed without me having a clue! As a new "viewer" (who am I actually? a customer, a friend, an enthusiast?) I am just learning and as a business woman from the US I am fascinated with the business model yet I cannot figure it out! My friends have suggested I blog but I have no desire to start another business but I would love to just share what little I know and a few things I am curious about but for now I will observe. Glad to follow you and look forward to your posts.

  14. I have alway followed you on google friends, but went ahead and followed on bloglovin too. Don't know exactly how it works but I followed anyway, I guess each one helps.

  15. I have alway followed you on google friends, but went ahead and followed on bloglovin too. Don't know exactly how it works but I followed anyway, I guess each one helps.


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