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This morning I woke up and decided I would make myself a new knit top! Sewing with knits is not my regular thing to do, so I went to Sew a One Hour Top by Fancy Tiger - Creativebug what a treat! The pattern is included and the video tutorial is excellent! The ladies know how to sew anything I think. If you have a serger (I don't know how to use mine) or a sewing machine the class shows you both ways!


You do need stretch or ball point needles to sew knits. I was advised to use polyester thread and it does help the thread from breaking! A twin needle is needed to get a nice hem! I need more work on twin needles but it is working. Here is my top with no hems yet!



Whenever I make a new pattern the first time I use knits that are not expensive. If the pattern is to small or hard, I don't have to feel the pain of tossing $30 or more in the give away pile.

Lets talk about strips on my 2x plus size body. When they go horizontal they make me look fatter! Vertically I think they look great, I turned this 4 way stretch fabric to make it vertical. As long as the pattern is not tight the lines look good. If the pattern is to tight I can print it off again (thank goodness for .pdf patterns), and add a little more room to my butt (did I just say that - yes)! I do not want a top that makes me look bigger than I am and you don't either! But luckily so far the pattern fits the first time. All that is left is the hemming! Gotta get back to work! Thank you for reading and go check out Creativebug - Craft Classes & Workshops - What will you make today? You can signup and get a free 2 week trial

Just so you know, I get nothing to recommend the site or class. I think I pay $4.95 a month for the use of the site like anyone would.



  1. Ooh! Looks great! Maybe it's time for me to try sewing with knits!

    1. I think it is really fun but different! Remember the needles!

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