Monday, August 21, 2017


Pincushion Parade

During the month of August Instagram people are making a pincushion a day! Inspired by @tinkerellen who thought it would be fun to have a Pincushion Parade ! Use the hashtag #pinnieparade and you will see thousands of pincushion and give you some great ideas, it sure has inspired me! It would be worth making an account just to see them all. While you are there you can follow me @intheboondocks ! I follow back!

Each day, and I have missed a few, I try to do something different! Lots of different free patterns are being shared by people making pincushions. Here are mine so far. Also you can post your favorites that you have but didn't make and that is why I don't have 21. But I have had a great time!











This weekend my Grandson turned 12! Hard to believe it seems like yesterday! But the thing unusual about it is I got to see all my Grandchildren this last weekend, the one who lives in Virginia showed up with her mother and the one who lives in Kentucky came for the party!



Zoey even made me a necklace! I feel like a very blessed woman to have these three beautiful Grandchildren! Have a beautiful week!





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  1. Oh, I missed the goose on IG! That's a fun one. I have a collection, but I haven't made any this month. I probably have enough for the whole 31 days just in the collection, though. LOL I'm glad you got to see them all, as grandchildren are such a special thing. I know, 'cause I don't have any!


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