Sunday, October 29, 2017

Culcita Monthly Subscription Box

I recently received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Jessica of Culcita, a family run business!  I love subscriptions boxes!  I have a couple for myself already and this one delivers fabrics I know I am going to love and use each month, no surprises and extra that I already own.  Which is starting to make a lot of since to me!


(pronounced kul-see-tah, and the Latin origin of the word "quilt")
It is the brain child of two sisters and their parents to deliver 12 predetermined modern fabrics in a monthly subscriber box.  You can buy one box or get a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months of fat quarters or 1/2 yards. Shipping is included in the price, in the USA and a outside the USA has a predetermined charge!
Just to point something out to those of you who might not do Subscriptions in this program you are not paying up front for 12 months, you are charged a once monthly fee and are commiting to purchase for 12 months!

No trying to find a quilt store that stocks the fabulous non-traditional fabrics you want!

No taking your littles with you to search through bolt after bolt, to find out the shop only bought the colorway they thought would sell.

After the 15th of the month it get’s delivered to your doorstep!  How cool is that!

October 2017 was Spirit Animal by Tula Pink 

I am really impressed with the selection of prints I was sent.  Many times you might receive one each of what I consider the great prints and more of the blender types.  Not with this company!

In the months to come!

Pretty Exciting Line Up!

I want them all!  

If you are looking for Modern Fabrics delivered to your door each month 
Is the one!

Thank you for reading and please do check Culcita out if you love modern fabrics like I do!  Lisa

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  1. the otters! I wish over here in Australia we had such fun boxes but apparently Aussie fabric stores aren't interested in doing fun things like that!


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