Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review Stitch Camp

Book Review

Stitch Camp , by Nicole Blum and Catherine Newman, I found it at the public library the other day and liked that it had a variety of projects to do.  So I checked it out!  It is a delightful book and great projects for young and old.  It has great photography and very colorful.  The project instructions are well written and are targeted at things everyone might like.  My daughter is 36 weeks pregnant and on total bed rest so this is just what she needed to find something to do.

After digging around looking for where I put the felt I had stashed away.  She enjoyed choosing colors, zippers, and digging through my button collection.  It kept her busy for an afternoon and taught her something!

Nomatter what your Monster looks like it is fun to just create something!  Take your mind off your problems for a little while. Other projects I personally like are the key chains, and the bracelets!  I would recommend this book for anyone looking into something crafty to do.  Most everything for the projects can be purchased at Walmart or found around the house.

Stop by your local library or find the book at a local bookstore!

Thank you for following along.  Hopefully after the baby is born I will have more time to blog.  I have had a lot of fun taking care of my 10 months old granddaughter, but boy at the end of the day, I am tired! 
Please put my daughter Ashley in your prayers for a healthy baby and momma!

Hugs Lisa

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