Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dress Up Onesies

With my daughter receiving a lot of white plain Onesies I decided to dress some of them up! Babies spend most of their time living in them so lets have fun with them!

Picked up this set for $2.00 at Walmart with patches and iron-ons. You can find iron-ons at any craft store. Follow the directions that come in the package! For a cotton ironing cloth just use a cotton scrap larger than the iron-on to place over the iron-on while you iron.



My daughter did this one herself!

On the sleeve! Anywhere you want!

These look so much more exciting now than just boring old white. Total time to make about 30 minutes. Good way to dress up a shower gift!

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  1. oh those are ADORABLE!!! I meant to applique something to baby grows but have yet to do it... I will if I have time ;)

  2. i like the passy. they would make real good shower gifts


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