Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thought Provoking Blog

What are your talents? What are your gifts? Why should others look up to you?

Do you ever find your self wondering about these things? I know I do and I put my answers in as "I can sew" as a talent. Instead of "caring of others" I sew to cover the ones I love and some I don't with my love in the form of a quilt. Finding the true talent!

Recently my Orthopedic Massage Therapist and friend Angie started a blog about her battle with RA Angie's Life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not always your nice happy blog but her wisdom is incredible. Over the last 5 years she has kept me mobile from my injuries and my head on straight when I thought I was the only one. She never complains and is an expert in her job.

Now, as she vigorously battles this disease she writes her observations on the world, life, and hope. While my injuries from almost 13 years ago are not life threatening they are crippling. Without the use of her talents I wouldn't be able to do so much more but I find the thought of not having the ability to talk with her on a regular basis more disturbing than finding a new therapist.

When she listed these three question on her blog I thought to share them as a way to get you thinking about yourselves. Quietly, in my own self I will try to answer these questions and find inspiration from my friend and mentor on being a better person. So if you need a little thought provoking please go visit her blog and see what I mean. You might find yourself asking those same questions. Not fearing to step outside the box to give your life purpose and meaning.

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  1. Lovely blog post Lisa! Those are such important questions and evryone should be able to answer them. I have always loved creating beautilful things with fabric or yarn, but I didn't my "talent" was cool enough to share until I discovered a bunch of really cool people like you on the web! I am proud to say that I know share my talent with the people I know and found that they are more than willing to support and encourage me.

  2. Great post, I'll check her blog out. Love the picture of the doe, I miss the deer so much.


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