Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fabric Fast 2014

Fabric Fast 2014

I've decided I need to have a 'fabric intervention' with myself. I have to STOP hoarding and START sewing with what I already have! Therefore, I am going to join in with Fabriholics Anonymous!

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The Fabric Fast program is outlined over at Making Rebecca Lynne so go check it out!

Here is a picture of my stash:
(Oh, I am kind of embarrassed to show you just how much stash I have)

These were from two big clearance sales that were waiting for me when we came home from vacation yesterday! I am pretty organized - trying to label each bag with store, fabric name, designer, and manufacturer. But as you can see totes can stack up most of this is stack in our bedroom. My husband got the flu on vacation and came home a day late to more fabric, husband quote "Even at a good deal, it is still to much"! I am in for real!

- To use the stash I already have (to make quilts and other things)
- Aim to finish UFOs and PHDs BEFORE starting something new (I don't have any yet) so finish what I start!
- Stop buying the latest and greatest fabric and save money!!
- Only buy what I need in order to complete specific projects/commissions
- De-stash the fabrics that I realise I am never going to use
- Make a list of all projects that have been started and work through them! (No projects to list but the one I am working on!

1) No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014 [exceptions listed below]
2) At the 6-month mark [July 1, 2014], re-evaluate status and decide whether to keep going for full year
3) Create a UFO/PHD list and really try hard to complete them (no list but lots of patterns)
4) Exceptions and allowances:
~ I can buy solids to assist in completing a project
~ I can buy yardage to make a quilt back/bag linings
~ I can use my remaining fabric gift certificates to buy fabric
~ I can still receive my stash club fabrics (currently in one club) which I have already paid for
~ I can still receive the magazine subscription I have already paid for
~ I can purchase necessary notions (thread, zippers, needles etc.) as and when needed
~ I can participate in swaps and bees

I think that covers it!! Fairly reasonable right?!! I have wanted to 'control' my fabric hoarding for a while now but haven't had the willpower. My husband hopes to he offered to spy on me. Hopefully by joining in with other people doing the same thing will keep me focused! The money I save can go towards the something I hope to reward myself with that I am saving for!

Happy hoarding stash busting!!


  1. You go girl! We will [try to] keep each other on track!!!!! xx

  2. Good luck. Just beginning to create a stash myself, but I can see how easily it can stack up! I just ordered some buttons from Shelly's buttons and more...I'm so into making button pins now...(thanks so much Mdm Samm for that one LOL)

  3. Wow. What an awesome stash. I wish you luck in your goals. I pulled back from buying for 2013 and realized how much I saved. Maybe fabric prices will go down for the rest of us since you're not buying as much supply and demand

  4. You have got this! We are all rooting for you.... and if you decide that de-stashing would include some donating... we are all right here! Happy 2014!

  5. Hmmmm. Not sure I could last. I work in a quilt shoppe.....

  6. I have given up "fabric fasting" as I know I can't hold out. Rather I am trying in a gentle way to buy less. I wish all my fabric were as neatly stored as yours is.

  7. good luck and i will be in your corner rooting for you. i dont know what you plan to do with your de stash fabric, but i would be more than happy to take some of it for charity quilts. i have quilted for over forty years and all my quilts are hand pieced and hand quilted and donated to charity. my income is less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability. i make all charity quilts to donate. i love to pay it forward. i have seen so many changes in the quilting world since i started so long ago. most are a vast improvement. i can remember before the time of rotary cutters and cutting mats and acrylic templates. i used to cut my paterns out of card board and use a pencil to trace around each piece with a pencil for the whole quilt top. then cutting them out until your fingers cramped from holding scissors for such an extended period of time. fabric was not the high quality it is now. even though i cant afford all the nifty things to make quilting easier, i want an accu quilt fabric cutter so bad because i have severe artthritis in my back that i have to get injections in it. so i will be going back to tracing all the pieces on fabric and cutting them out. if i could afford it, i would probably be the biggest hoarder and could open my own fabric store! lol. blessings barbara

  8. I've decided to call it a Fabric Fast! Last night I really wanted to stop by and buy 3" of black on black print for a potholder binding because that would have been perfect but I managed to find a piece I already had that looks just as nice. One step at a time, I tell myself! Good luck!

    I have never thought of labeling my fabric as to where I purchased it but I can see why it would be helpful in case you needed more. Good idea.

  9. I too have the same problem, but it is really hard to control, you see a new line, a pattern that you want to try, and then the sale, you are only going to look, and don't know how you bought so much. I'm going to try to do better after the next delivery, which should be delivered on Monday.

  10. I have the opposite stash problem due to a very small quilting budget... so i look at posts like this and wonder.. i will really have more fabric than quilt ideas! lol. Good luck on destashing.

  11. Good luck! I'm sure you've forgot what all of it looks like so pull out a box every so often for a treat!

  12. You do have quite a bit of fabric. Organizing it so you can see colors and amounts might help to use it. I don't try to reduce my stash so much as rotate it, which I posted about on my blog. I don't want anything sitting in the stash too long.

  13. I want to say I am right there with you. I try this every year but some new pattern always make me fall off the wagon.
    Good Luck to you. I hope you have more will power then me.

  14. If you need help destashing, I WILL! LOL! I see some Eclectic Elements from Tim Holtz there, I so want to get some of that, I am definitely not on a Diet :) Good Luck with yours! Happy New Year!

  15. Maybe you should use your stash to make some fabric storage baskets/bags for your stash!!

  16. Keep trying to use that stash. If I was to stop buying fabric to save money to spoil myself with something nice, what would it be? I buy fabric to spoil myself!!


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