Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Sampler Blanket

I have spent a lot of time recently trying to decide
what I will be doing over the next year.
What will be the one word for 2015?

Then I read about a Sampler Blanket
or in my case a quilt over at


and I think no rules just a hashtag


Create a quilt with my own rules
a couple blocks a month.

Rie says - You can knit, crochet, quilt, embroider the blocks..
or rectangles.. or hexagons.. or circles.
You can join as you go or make them continuous
or leave them in a pile and join them at the end.
You can make a square every day or
week or month or season....
I think I like the square a month idea myself.

You can choose one colour or a multitude of colours.
Any pattern.
Any design.
Any stitch.
What do you think?
Does this sound like fun to you?

I think it will be fun why don't you join us!

Hop on over to CraftyRie and link up with me!

Project #1 - #2015samplerblanket

Everyone doing their own thing but together!
Sounds Unique which is right down my alley!

What projects are you doing for 2015?

Thank you for reading!
Create and be unique,

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Everyone comes home

Everyone made it home to see us.
Reindeer Zoey seems the happiest with her gifts
and meeting her Aunt for the first time!

Our youngest daughter was glad to bring Zoey
to our little party and open presents
before giving me the flu!

Thank you dear next time
I hope to return the favor!
I am sorry but waiting to tell me you are sick
until you have been here a day, and exposed
the household has made me grumpy!

Our Dave did receive quite a bit
and was very happy with his new stash
of Xbox games!

It is delightful to show my Mom here as she receives a gift!
As this blog is also a record of our lives in the boon docks.

Our oldest Daughter was able to get time off
from work and join us for Christmas.
It made it very special because David
had not seen her in almost a year.
Little Zoey had never met her Aunt!
As I write this they are out with Davids
Bow and Arrows testing them out!

Makes me most happy he gets
to spend time with his mother!

No pictures of Randy and I?
Nope I took the photos and he was in
no mood to pose for the camera!
He is still recovering and ding excellent,

Thank you for following!
Hope you had a very merry Christmas!


Even now as I have the flu I see the need
to get together as being very important for everyone!
You only get one family!

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Good Time To Go Shopping

Right now is a great time to go Shopping online!

All the FQ bundles of Cotton + Steel are 1/2 off that alone is worth taking a look!

Craftsy is not a sponsor and my opinions are my own!

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Merry Christmas Treat

Everyone at our house was delighted
when the Mail woman came today!
One of Thearica's Fruitcakes arrived!
Thearica of Stitch and Quilt
knew our family could use
a little extra love and
sent us one of her delicious fruitcakes!

It is half gone already!
When they found out everyone just had to have a piece!
Then I had to have seconds of course!

From our family to you,
You are a blessing to us,
Thank you so much!

She makes the best fruitcakes people!
No lying going on here!
Next year, if she has a giveaway for
a fruitcake know now you want one!

Visit Thearica's blog at

Stitch and Quilt

Be creative and unique,

A new necklace and Logo

I am just in love with the Etsy shop
Owner Nancy Cornwell!
Besides designing cabochon necklaces, owning a Etsy Shop,
she is a blogger, her bog is L & E Design Co.

While designing my necklace Nancy
created a logo
for In The Boon Docks!
I just love it it is very fitting for the blog.

Big plus the necklace is awesome!
I gotta a twofer!

So check her shop out!
If you can't figure out what you want on your cabochon necklace
at LandEDesignCo
ask Nancy to help you out!
She provides excellent customer service
and has a creative mind, great combination in an artist!
You will find something you just had to have!

Thank you for reading and following along
in my journey through life!
Lets create and be unique,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years


There is something about Christmas
that always makes me grateful
for the people in my life!

That includes all of you in Blogland!
Since my husband has been ill
so many of you have stepped up
and filled my obligations,
sent me sweet gifts, and even food!
The readers keep reading even when
I don't have much content to post!
You all know who you are
and you each have lightened
my load this holiday season!
Thank you all so much!
Life is better on this planet because of you.

I won two hats and a Santa pattern from the SMS Giveaways and I will have to thank them later but the little boy hat went to David's 4th grade teachers son and Zoey has claimed the Anna hat! As you can see it is getting well used and loved! If you ladies are reading thank you!

I have great plans for 2015
and I hope you will join me in the new year!
Thank you all for a fabulous year!
Create and be yourself,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the Merry Christmas Giveaway Sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop

Our first winner is

#167 - wins (6) Moda Mini Charm Pack

Kim December 17, 2014 at 9:05 AM
I would really like to join Free Spirit and Westminster's FQ club. Love their fabric designers.

Kim is from
Lily Patch Quilts

Our second winner is

#70 - (4) Moda Mini Charm Packs

Mom C December 11, 2014 at 8:08 PM
Smart Marketing. Those FQ Clubs are genius. I would love to join the Free Spirit one, someday. Thanks.

Congratulations Ladies! I will contact you both by email and get your gifts on the way!

I would like to thank Fat Quarter Shop for all the sponsored giveaways this year! It is wonderful to have a generous sponsor and work with you and your terrific staff!

Create and be Unique

Take a visit to the Countdown to Christmas in a FLASH at the Fat Quarter Shop Today all notions are 50% off and there are threads too!
Best sale of the year for me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great Gifts with Free Tutorials

Giveaway Alert

Hurry and enter Merry Christmas Giveaway Sponsored by FQS, it closes December 18, 2014 at noon.

Great Gifts with Free Tutorials

I spend a good part of most days reading blogs,
pinning tutorials and downloading patterns for projects I want to make.
For today, I am going to share what I find with you!
I'll show you a picture and a link to the post because
I don't want anyone to think I am taking credit for their beautiful work!

I love this bag at Sew4Home - Slim Messenger Bag with Push Locks it was the featured project for yesterday at SEWCANSHE . Which is a great place to find a new tutorial everyday!
I want this bag for myself but maybe with a snap.

I really like the look of these Hanging Dishtowels!
Click on the link to get the free pattern
and learn more about making your own
Handmade Gift For The Kitchen

I will look for more free tutorial to share with you
and let you know what I find!

Thank you for following along!
Create and be unique,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Giveaway Day Winner

2014 Giveaway Day Winner

Mindy December 9, 2014 at 9:53 AM
I love any ornament that is still on the tree after my two year old is awake. She feels like the tree is just a new way to display TOYS! But my anniversary is four days after Christmas and we served cupcakes - so our cake topper was actually two tiny Polly Pocket dolls. I made a mini cupcake ornament and put the two of them on top to hang on the tree!

You are all so wonderful! Not everyone can win but I have another giveaway here
Merry Christmas Giveaway Sponsored by FQS

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Merry Christmas Giveaway Sponsored by FQS

The Giveaway is closed!

Please see this post
For Winners

Merry Christmas Giveaway Winners

Merry Christmas Giveaway

I wanted to do something for all of you
and the
Fat Quarter Shop has come through for me
and "In The Boon Docks" once again. I love the
monthly clubs they add variety to my stash
- which is very helpful when making gifts for others.

After several years in the
Fat Quarter Shop's Moda Mini Charm Pack Club ,
I have decided to change to the

Fat Quarter Shop's Moda Charm Pack Club.
The wonderful folks at the FQS have agreed to
sponsor the Moda Mini Charms x (3),
to arrive with my order each month. We love the FQS!

We have (2) Giveaways
both sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop!
Here is how it will work

The first winner will receive (6) Moda Mini Charms

The second winner will receive (4) Moda Mini Charms from the club!

I'd like to thank Kim and the Fat Quarter Shop for another wonderful year!

How to enter

1. Everyone gets a chance! Go to the Fat Quarter Shop Monthly Club You would like to join one day!

2. If you are a "In The Boon Docks" follower you get a second chance -
Don't forget to leave another comment!

(2) entries per person are possible!

Giveaway day is open until December 18, 2014 at Noon EST.
When I will use Mr. Random to pick (2) numbers!

This is an International Giveaway!

If you are a Non-Reply Blogger or Google+ user - Please leave an email in your comments. (Comlisajohnson(at)gmail(dot)com) for example. If I cannot contact you - you can't win!

Good Luck Everyone!
Hugs, Lisa

The Giveaway is closed!

Please see this post
For Winners

Merry Christmas Giveaway Winners

Monday, December 8, 2014

Giveaway Day

This Giveaway is Closed

#223 Mindy

Thank you all who entered!

Hey have you seen what is going on at Sew Mama Sewhundreds of blogs have linked up for Giveaway Day, December 8, 2014, but it has grown so big it now stays open until December 14, 2014, at noon, to give everyone enough time to enter into the Giveaways!

Welcome to In The Boon Docks!

My name is Lisa! I have blogged for over (2) years, almost 3.
I like to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and DIY projects at my home in the boon docks. I am a Christian, Wife, Mother, Grandma (Nana), and Daughter. We have dogs, chickens, roosters, deer, turkeys and some misc. animals that stop in and visit.

I try to have giveaways each month for my friends and followers.
So please take the time to follow to find out
what's happening "in the boon docks"!

What am I giving away:

(2) spools of Aurifil Thread.
Nothing is better for piecing and quilting than Aurifil.

A package of ThimblePads by Colonial Needle!
Better than any thimble out there!

(4) Fat Quarters Of DS Quilts Collection!

How to enter

1. Everyone gets a chance! What is your favorite Christmas ornament? You can describe it if you want or just say the tree lights!

2. If you are a "In The Boon Docks" follower you get a second chance -
Don't forget to leave another comment!

(2) entries per person are possible!

Giveaway day is open until December 14, 2014 at Noon EST.
When I will use Mr. Random to pick a number!
I will email the winner by December 14, 2014 by 8 pm EST
and note the winner in the giveaway post.
I will mail the winnings on December 16, 2014

This is an International Giveaway!

If you are a Non-Reply Blogger or Google+ user - Please leave an email in your comments. (Comlisajohnson(at)gmail(dot)com) for example. If I cannot contact you - you can't win!

I want to thank Sew Mama Sew for organizing giveaway day twice a year and making it possible for all of us to enjoy each others giveaways all in one place!

Thank you for stopping by and seeing me!
Create and be Unique
I hope to see you again soon!

Another Giveaway to enter Sponsored by the FQS on
In The Boon Docks - Merry Christmas Giveaway!

This Giveaway is Closed

#223 Mindy

Thank you all who entered!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What do you call a personal post

Dear Family, Friends, and Followers,

My family is going through quite a bit these days.
My husband had a heart attack a week ago.
I have left the hospital once to wash myself, a load of clothes,
charge the phone, and sleep once.

I take so much for granted with my spouse
and the realization I could loose him
in just a minute is unbearable.

Nothing but family matters at this moment.
A husband who will be released
from the hospital barely able to walk or breath
terrifies me. Open heart surgery with 6 bypasses
is a lot for a body to go through.

He has months of recovery to go through
but he is a strong man and we have faith!

While at the hospital I found out about a Nurse
who makes Open Heart Pillows
for the Cardiac Stepdown Floor.

Nurse Brenda does this on her own time
and recruits others to help her make pillows for the patients.
When you have your chest cracked for open heart surgery
it is very painful to cough, hiccup, and just breath!
Holding the pillow against the surgery incision
reminds the patient not to reach out
and push or pull with their arms.
It also helps during coughing
after being removed from the ventilator.
Lastly, it provides comfort to the
patient during a very traumatic time.

Since at this time, I have no time to sew but want to pay back
just a little for all the that pillow has done for my Husband.
While the laundry was washing I dug threw my stash
to donate 15 yards of fabrics,
a large spool of my favorite thread,
Aurifil, of course and
a package of

Thank you Brenda for going the extra mile!

If your looking for a helpful project
contact your local hospital Cardiac Ward and
make these wonderful pillows!

Thank you for waiting for me!
Our family could really use your prayers and good thoughts!