Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ALYOF April Goal

A day late and a dollar short!
Late is to late to enter the Linky Party
but I will share my April goal anyway!

I am working on a Noodlehead's
Open Wide Zippered Pouch
for a swap on

It is my April Goal!

I found out my partner likes Cotton + Steel! It wasn't until I did further stocking (research) I found out she really loves the mustangs. So using the fabrics in both these photos I will create her personal open wide zipper pouch using the Noodlehead tutorial. I love Anna's patterns and tutorials, the directions are clear and step by step.

I am learning more from each swap I do. You are not required to put anything more into the swap besides the pouch. But I have picked up a few little odds and ends sewing notions mostly that I hope she will like and make her laugh and happy she joined the swap.

I thought a pincushion would be nice so I found this blue feather to paper piece by What the Bobbin? and it is free in the Craftsy Pattern section.

Mine does not look to great here!
But with some trimming and purple packing
it is perfect for my new friend,
(Can't show everything in one post)!

I guess what I am saying is you don't have to spend a lot of money on your partner's extra's -
Things like -

- buy one package of Magnets
and break them up for a few other partners in the future

- buy pocket kleenex with funny quotes
(Do not split these up - buy a few at a time)

- Little notepads to keep in a pocket or purse to keep notes

- small sewing notions - a cute or crazy tape measure in their favorite color!

Try to make them a personal item you know they will love like a pincushion!
(I am not posting the finished product yet)

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about what to get you swap partner.
Take time to learn what they might like!

Create and be Unique,

Have you entered the
Aurifil Thread Giveaway


  1. Like you, I'll be late & more than a dollar short I think for the ALYoF's. :D But it's still nice to give yourself a goal for the month. It's helping me keep up the momentum, even if I can't always manage the time constraints. Lovely fabrics you've chosen!

  2. All great ideas for little gifts. Those fabrics are going to make up beautifully.


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