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So this morning, honestly, I am operating in panic, wait mode! Baby Lilly is not due untl May 1st! At the stress test yesterday Momma was having contractions and is starting to progress a little. Up at 6:30 am, very unusual for me, so I started to pack not my clothes of course but my sewing things. I have to make a few baby dresses and those little mittens, so she can't scratch herself. By now, I have pulled out my clothes bags and started my laundry.

I found this little dress - free and looks to be easy enough I can do it!



Free! Little Geranium Dress Pattern - Made By Rae. This is 0 - 3 months and there is a pattern you can purchase for more extras and bigger babies and girls! When I went seaching the internet for an easy dress, this one kept popping up! So, it comes highly recommended by lots of bloggers!


Mittens - you wouldn't think they would be hard to find but they were! Started on Pinterest and every link I clicked on was no good! Did a search and still couldn't find what I was looking to make. Finally, on Craftsy!

Quick and Easy Baby Mittens | Craftsy


Hope my searching helps another Grandmother or new Mom find these handy patterns! Hug to all, Lisa





  1. Adorable patterns, and such an exciting time for you all! Hugs.

  2. and here I was just sticking baby socks on my Joe & Laney's hands .... :) Happy sewing and I can't wait to see the piccies!

  3. Congratulations, grandma! I never got to see my grands as babies (haven't seen many of them at all...8-\) Yep, we want lots of pictures of Lilly! Oh, and mommy and daddy, <3

  4. How exciting! I hope all goes well. It seems someone is anxious to get out in the world! What a darling little dress and mittens. They could even be made to match!

  5. Super cute dress! Is there a pattern in my size too? Lol And yes mommy those are exactly what I was talking about when I referred to baby mittens. I love you! So does lilly don't stress to much!

  6. Thank you for the research! I have a new grandbaby coming next month so this might be something I'll have to try!


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