Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brent & Mary Johnson 50th Anniversary

I was really lucky when I married my husband, Randall Johnson, I got in the deal a set of terrific inlaws. They are both supportive and loving people. As a woman on a second marriage with 2 children, ages 11 and 6, they accepted us as a part of their family from the start. My daughters are now grown and we have the honor of raising our beautiful grandson.

Now 14 1/2 years later I was really excited for them on February 1, 2012, when they reached their 50 wedding anniversary. In a world where most marriages don't work out, these two made it work. Through a war, stressful jobs, children, moves, and the other hard times two people face living together for 50 years. I wanted them to have the party they so richly deserved but had no idea where to start. I was also blessed by the rest of my husband's family. Geri Baker jumped in and handled so many details that if not for her, Brent and Mary would not have a party, but a cake. Without Darlene Finley, I would not have known what we needed to eat, the woman should be a party planner, her mom, Aunt Jewel stood in the church kitchen making sandwichs for 2 hrs before the party. Faye Chapman opened the church and helped to setup. Darlene and her sister, Tammy Browning, helped with food, setup, serving and cleanup. Justin Browning and his fiancee, Breanna King helped with cleanup. Angie Barker made the most beautiful 50th anniversary scrapbook I have ever seen. All the people who helped with food, I never had to ask anyone to bring a thing, they asked me "what do you want me to bring": Geri Baker, Darlene Finley, Aunt Rita Johnson, Sandy Porter, Opal Jones, Tammy Browning, Pat Childers, Leeann Bills, and my handsome husband, Randall Johnson. Enon Baptist Church Paster Sam and his wife, Nada Morris for their advice and use of the church. I want to say I love you all and THANK YOU for making such an important day so wonderful for Brent & Mary. Not all these people are related by blood, but they are my church family. Because of all of you Brent and Mary had a day to remember.

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