Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surviving Spring Break

Favorite Foods!
I have to say nothing is prettier than a Mixed Berry Pie!

I hadn't baked it or put the topping on it yet but it looked so pretty!

Mug Rug or Mini Quilt
My BFF of about 24 years became a grandma, and what started as a mug rug, ended up a Mini Quilt, my first one. I hope she will like it. I made it from the scraps from her grandsons quilt. Then put it in the mail.
It's so small but I feel Very proud. For you quilters, I have nothing but admiration for you, it is very hard to keep the lines straight.

David had his first sleepover with his friend Christian. I think both boys had a great time. No sleep but a great time. David and his friend are wanna be Jedi's!

Charity Work
Still here, Great! This week Salt Rock CEOS worked on clothing protectors for Hospic. Find something you can make for an organization in your area. If we all give back just a little bit we can make a big difference.

Back to school tomorrow for hubby and David. I'll find something to do while they are at school.

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  1. The pie looks delicious! OMG Is that the backyard baby print!!! I just got myself a bundle, which I was looking for, for ages!! Finally found it here in the UK!!!!
    Boys such funny characters! =D


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