Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anyone for a double?

A Double crochet stitch that is! Ha ha, you thought something else. Well last night I crochet this new stitch the Double, which I thought I knew but I have been doing it WRONG, all these years.

But how do I avoid this? The book tells me to skip the first stitch, but how far do I go over at the end.

If you have a solution to my problem. Leave me a comment! I would really appreciate it! Try some crochet today, it is fun! Lisa


  1. Maybe you should keep it as is and create a new stitch =D

  2. You have decreased a stitch. It is easiest to count all your stitches while you are going, making sure that you have the same amount in each row. You skip the first stitch below, because the chain that you made counts as the double crochet in that new beginning row. I hope that helps and I haven't made it more confusing. ;)

  3. perhaps you could try this beginning dc: at the end of the row, ch 1, turn, sc same pl, ch 1. this is stronger and doesn't stretch as the turning chain does. when you come back to this stitch at the end of the next row, dc in the ch 1, ch 1, turn. easy peasy, straight edge, no doubt about the 'first' stitch.


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