Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy, Busy Week

Oh, so much is going on around here this week! Warning, picture heavy!


I have decided I am in a learning stage with these new stitches! If they don't look right "rip them out" and start again. Which I did here and I like the sides much better the 4th time around. Thank all of you for your suggestions, I am going to try them!

Modern Scrappy Bits Swap on Flickr

I took this mirror and case and jazzed it up a bit. Using a little double sided tape and Robert Kaufman "Cut & Sew" fabric, it makes a perfect little notion to put in with my scraps for my secret swap partner! I still have to make a pouch or a pincushion. I haven't decide which to make. If you know of a good tutorial for either please leave me a comment with a link. I would love to know where you find inspiration.

Beans and Butterflies

My mother, David, and I picked beans on Tuesday at my in-laws. Picking beans is a dirty job and it was hot. We yielded about a bushel and a half and still have another picking in a week or so. Instead of showing you a picture of us sweaty or a bean, I thought I'd show pics of the butterflies playing on the other side of the fence. They are beautiful!

Samantha is Home for a Week

I have talked about Sam before but for those of you who don't know I will happily give you her bio. Sam is in the U. S. Army stationed with her husband in Germany. She had Sophie in May 2012. I made "Sophie's Twister" for the baby. I liked it so much that with Sam's permission I entered it in our county fair. It came in 1st place in the small quilt catagory. Blue ribbon to go with the blanket! Oh yeah, made me proud! Did I mention she is my daughters best friend since 9th grade. My husband and I are very proud of her, she is a wonderful young woman, and we love her.

David, Me, Samantha, and Sophie

"Sophie'sTwister" has finally met her owner. This beautiful baby is visiting from Germany this week. We were so excited that they where here we ran up to the mall to see our Sam and meet Sophie. They are coming over tomorrow to spend time with us, so I will probably have more photos of her. She was asleep at the mall but tomorrow she is all mine. Well my daughter and Sam will be here too! Sophie is just perfect!

Thanks for stopping by! Lisa

P.S. Quiltcon Challenge Blocks - I mailed my two blocks out this morning. So now I just wait and see.


  1. Sophie is a cutie as is her quilt. How nice that you get her all to yourself tomorrow.

  2. What a great post! So glad you got the crochet sorted. I'm liking the look of your scrappy project!
    Sophie is adorable =D

  3. You know what the funny thing is? Cynthia Frenette is the designer of the Cut and Sew fabric and she is in my quilt guild!!!!! And you, down in West Virginia, put in on a wee mirror for me in Canada. What a small world!


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