Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dots on Dots a little History

This quilt top belongs to Ms. Joyce Williams, (my mommy), she has owned it for many years and agreed to show it during this event. Quilt makers have used dots for decades to beautify their quilts.

I thought it was interesting that the maker of this quilt did not cut off the salvege before using it in this quilt. My mother is not sure were she got the quilt top, but believes it came from one of my three great-aunts, the last one having pasted away two years ago at age 92. So how to date this quilt?

The history of the Cranston Print Works Company

I found some information on Youtube about one of the plants. This video shows the machines at Cranston Print at work Cranston Print Works

Got any ideas on how old it is please let us know.


  1. Wow what a quilt and a piece of history. Sorry have no idea how to date quilts or fabric =D

  2. I used to live in Rhode Island and passed hrough Cranston a lot. Neat quilt!


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