Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hoot! Hoot! Baby Shower

I bought this fabric about 6 or 8 months ago from JoAnn's. I see people really snub these stores and I had a hard time writing this post. Because I like to shop there and sometimes I find the same quality a bunch cheaper. I have learned on this journey is nobody admits to going to Joann's Fabric Stores. Well both fleece prints, one yard a piece came from there! I still think they are cute, soft, well made, and available on sale with 50% off coupons! Perfect for young mothers who will bleach them to death and use them through several children.

My very tiniest hat I made (love this one)..

I send my husband for a tube of A&D and a box of wipes to go with these other items. He comes home with this huge box! His excuse was "I felt guilty spending $4.00 on my friends baby girl". I said "what do you think these other items might cost if you had to buy them"? His answer "tell her they are for me"! She laughed and laughed when I told her. She was once one of our band babies from about 3 years ago. Those kids last you a lifetime, even when they are grown. They see you and they are high schoolers again. Sorry, got a little of track.

Burp cloths something every new mother needs! It was fun, she is happy, and that is all that matters.

I love the Owls! I will have to see if they have any more so I can tell you if it has a name, the strip just said JoAnn's. So, be brave and tell me "Do you shop at JoAnn's"? Thanks Lisa


  1. I just went on a shop hop, and the most successful store was JoAnns. I got lovely Minky, rulers, WonderUnder,cute home decorator fabric for a bag, loads of stuff. It was all discounted, yay! I like their take a number system too. I'm not snubbing them!!

  2. I love Joann's! The last time I was there, I bought a fleece panel for $4.97, marked down from $15.00. I crochet around the pane; it will make a perfect baby blanket or throw. They have all prices of fabric and you can't go wrong when you have a 40 or 50 percent off coupon. I have to say that I even buy fabrics and notions at my local Walmart store, I hope I'm not banned from commenting after saying that! :)

  3. I am glad you posted this! I think most of us small blogger's shop at JoAnn's or somewhere similar. Nothing wrong with that!

  4. I love JoAnn's coupons and always stop there while in the states, if no one else claims the I-pad cover I will be happy to send it to you, since there is no way I will ever be getting one of those puppies (I-pad).

  5. I do shop JoAnns. Do you know sometimes you can find older Alexander Henry prints there! And the new line of quality quilters fabrics (not sure what the lines name is) are really very nice! And as long as you watchthe fabric you get you really cannot beat their flannel! I love it! I remember seeing their owlsnand thinking how stinkin cite they were!

  6. Hiya! I haven't had a chance to try JoAnn's yet---their closest store to me is about an hour and a half away. I do wish they were closer. I also go to WalMart for fabric, can't beat the clearance prices if you get there to get the good stuff.
    Your gifts are wonderful, I'm sure the new mother will love them.
    Have a terrific weekend, blessed be, hugs!!!

    playamom57 at yahoo dot com

  7. I do shop at JoAnn's depending on what I am buying. I buy their fleece and some of their other fabrics and have had no problems with it. Fabric at regular quilt shops is very expensive and not everyone can afford that so no one should look down on someone because that is where they shop. I have been reading blogs less than a year and I was pretty surprised when I read what people said about JoAnn's fabrics. Many of them though said they shop there for quilting tools. I have fabric that I bought years ago from JoAnn's and it seems as good as fabric I have bought recently from quilt shops. So maybe in recent years they have lowered the quality on some of their fabrics so they could keep the prices lower for people that can't afford the quilt shops. I am finding that quilting is not an inexpensive hobby to have.

  8. I go to JoAnn's all the time. It's so nice to have a place close by that is affordable. I can't always spend $12/yard on fabric. Sometimes $8 is a stretch for my budget. I'm definitely a JoAnn's coupon user and love it. I found the backing fabric for my huge Super Mario quilt for $4/yard and it was some nice stuff, not thin, not too stretchy, just right. Actually, all of the fabric for that quilt came from JoAnn's now that I think about it. :)


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