Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Infinity Scarves

At the end of last month Rebecca @ making rebecca lynne announced the release of her pattern with a giveaway. Well I did not win one, I bought one, and I made one. As you will see below and I love it.

The fabric I used is Kona Modern Quilts, Merlot Colorstory, by Cynthia Frenette, that I bought from Craftsy! They have great deals on fabric and yarn everyday! Sign up for the deals to be sent to your inbox daily on CRAFTSY

I am no model that is for sure but I am doing the Pin it! Sew it! @ Pile O' Fabric and I have to post a picture on Pinterest to show I completed my pin it, sew it. So, everyone will see my smiling mug. But it is me, this is who I am, I do love the crop feature in photo editor so at least your not looking at me in my sweat pants. Or see me standing on a hill in my yard, just me and my Infinity Scarf. If you like scarves this is a nice, inexpensive, and easy to one to make!

Thank you Rebecca! Everyone: I found the directions in the pattern easy to follow and when I first made it and it was to small or was it I was to big. Rebecca helped me make it my size. Where can you get customer service like that? No where but in blogland.

Now I have to go mail my Flickr Swap stuff at the Post Office! Thank you for stopping by In the Boon Docks and this time you really did see me! XX Lisa


  1. Oh you are looking great! How cool is that! I am going to send Cynthia the link to your blog to show her your scarf with her fabric!!!!

    1. Well are you great, I love this fabric, it is so bright and colorful!

  2. Hey Lisa!!
    Such a fun scarf. I think I need to make myself one of those for work!! It is super cold in the office/showroom I'm in!!
    Love the fabrics you chose to make it with.
    Hope you've been well. =D

  3. Congratulations on your Pin It, Sew It----great looking scarf.

  4. Love the material that you picked, so much fun!!!

  5. Great scarf, terrific fabric, congrats on your Pin it, Sew it!

  6. Fantastic!!! I love your scarf & great fabric choice! ;D


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