Friday, October 12, 2012

Just a peek

Do you ever buy fabric for that special quilt and never make it? Well I bought these fabrics over the last couple years and squirreled them away in one of my tubs. Thinking I would make a throw quilt for Halloween for the last 3 years. This year I am determined to complete it. Using 10" squares and sewing them together. Kind of simple and very colorful which anyone around the boon docks knows I love.

Yesterday, I saw a pattern for witches legs somewhere on a blog. Terrible of me not to have written it down. Instead, I went looking for my Halloween fabric and started this project!

Don't you just love these spiders and their webs? See, I found those legs with shoes and yes I have the names but not today. Today you get to peek!

Do you have something squirreled away that maybe you should whip up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? Dig them out and tell me what you haven't done. Maybe we can work on some holiday projects. XX Lisa


  1. Hi!!! You sure do have some cute fabric!!! I am new to quilting but I am working on some for The Wicked Hop and I have some Christmas fabric ready to go!!! I am hoping to get to work on them over the weekend!!!!

  2. I reconize some of those prints. I have a patteren for a wall handing with some witches blocks that I plan on doing right after Christmas. The girl that I babysat for when she was little is all growen up with a house of her own and loves Halloween so that is what she is getting next year. I didn't commit to it this year as I was afraid I would not get it done.

  3. I saw the witch's legs last year on ATTIC WINDOW QUILT SHOP
    it was fun and easy peasy too!
    Love the fabrics and look forward to seeing your finished Halloween snuggle quilt :)


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