Sunday, November 25, 2012

Patchwork Fabric Basket

A good friend sent me a pattern so I could make a fabric basket. Fast forward a couple months and I have finally made my first one. I say that because I plan to make some more! I am in love with this pattern! It is well written, great photos, and super easy to follow. It makes a perfect Christmas present for a few of my friends.

Here is the front!

and the back!

I used this fabric I won at Patti's blog PS I want to quilt too!. Amy Butler's Gypsy Caravan 6" pack and it is really beautiful fabric! Feels so soft, all the Rowan fabric I have does!

Pattern for the Patchwork Fabric Basket by Ayumi Takahashi. Just click on the word "pattern" and download it. I think it is the best. I found it at Sew Natural. Thank you for the link!

Please stop by tomorrow for the "Traveling Stash Giveaway"! Happy Sunday! Lisa


  1. Love your basket.It`s very cute!

  2. Your basket is super cute. And thank for the info for the pattern!

  3. Your basket is adorable! I must make some :)


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