Friday, November 2, 2012

Pin It! Sew It! I Did It October

Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric Pile O' Fabric October Pin It, Sew it! Link Up is the woman behind "Pin It, Sew It".

I said this Here "You pick things you would like to make and do it! I think it is great! I will be happy if I can make one thing in October to pin in my "Pin It, Sew It, I Did It"! Proud to say I completed my goal for this month and linking up with Pile O' Fabric!

Pile O Fabric

The fabric I used is Kona Modern Quilts, Merlot Colorstory, by Cynthia Frenette that I bought from Craftsy! They have great deals on fabric and yarn everyday! Sign up for the deals to be sent to your inbox daily on CRAFTSY. After blogging about the completion of this scarf I got to know a little bit more about Cynthia. Check out her blog, Etsy shop, and her Spoonflower Fabric! Some really great stuff at all three. She is very personable and sweet! She even left me a comment on my scarf. Which was exciting for me I admit! Not bragging just sharing, first time that happened to me, made me giggle!

At the end of September Rebecca @ making rebecca lynne announced the release of her pattern. I Pinned It! I Sewed It! I Did It! As you see above, I really love my scarf! Mine maybe a bit bright for others tastes but for me it is perfect. Make one yourself and make it your way! The beauty of creating our own treasures is they really are ours!

Thank you Rebecca! Everyone: I found the directions in the pattern easy to follow and when I first made it and it was to small or was it I was to big. Rebecca helped me make it my size. Where can you get customer service like that? No where but in blogland.

I am glad to announce that In The Boon Docks has power, phone, and internet service once again! Big shout out for all those power people all over the East Coast working so hard! Thank you, you are awesome hardworking people! Lisa J.


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