Sunday, December 16, 2012

Twister Quilted

Well last week I am working a throw quilt for my new granddaughter to be born in January. I finished the top on Monday! I call it a throw quilt because I want it thrown on the floor/ground before the baby is put down on the floor or in the grass outside. Put it on the couch before you put the baby on it. A quilt you can take in the car and wash it when you get home. A barrier between the baby and the world. A baby wrapped in love! Yes, it is a little sappy!

It started out as 10" x 10" square and a 6 1/2" border.

Using the "Twister" Ruler by The Country Schoolhouse /CS Designs, I cut it up and sewed it back together! Instructions come with the ruler.

This is my wonderful model/husband pretending to be the guy hanging his nose over the fence.

I embroidered her name! Please disregard those strings I took care of them.

Guess what? When you have that many pins and start to sew you get stabbed over and over again!

Then basting and pinning. A longtime quilter once told me if you could put your hand down and do not touch a pin, you didn't have enough! Well, I pinned the crud out of this quilt. No wrinkles for me! It helped that I used a little Elmer's Spray Adhesive between the layers (Use in a well ventilated area)! I laid it on the bed opened the windows and turned on two overhead fans. It was 50 degrees in my bedroom but I got it smooth and added all those pins.

Machinger's are Machine Quilters Gloves and worth their weight in gold! I put them on and stopped getting pin stuck. They also helped in guiding the fabric through the machine. I love these gloves!

At the baby shower my daughter was expecting burp cloths! She knows I feel every new mom cannot live without them. She was mighty surprised to find Zoey's quilt in the bag! It made her cry seeing her daughter's name embroidered on it! It was one of those mother's "PRICELESS" moments! Made my heart sing!

You would never know she was a "Daddy's Girl" by this photo! There is the nose and hands hanging over a fence again! Ha ha!

Quilt top fabric: Daisy Cottage, Riley Blake/Kona Brown
Quilt back fabric and binding: Bear Hugs, Laura Berringer, Marcus Fabrics

I still have somethings to finish up for Christmas so you will be hearing from me before then! Lisa


  1. Such a sweet quilt and an even sweeter reaction to it! Beautiful.

  2. Very nice quilt! Perfect for a little baby girl.

  3. What a precious quilt, isn't the twist template fun! I had to giggle at your husband and daughter displaying the the same way:)

  4. Not sappy at all. I feel the same way. I just finished a second quilt for my great grand daughter. It is a floor quilt! I love the twister ruler. I have the mini. How scary it was to make that first cut! I love the colours in your quilt. Beautiful job. Enjoy the little one.

  5. Sweet baby quilt, the Twister ruler is amazing. Little Zoey will love snuggling up with her quilt that grandma made her.


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