Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What is going on this Wednesday

In the summer months David, Momma, and I hit the yard sales. I love to buy bags of fabric for really cheap! When I go through it later I pick out what I might want and share the rest. This summer I got a bag for $1.00 that had some pieces to make ducks and geese. Some vintage fabric and (2) unstuffed animals: a bear and a cat. I gave everything away but the bear and cat. Using some child labor and cartoons, David and I stuffed both of them two days before Thanksgiving. My cousin's family was coming for the holiday and his wife loves cats. David was so proud to give Teresa a gift he helped make and she really loves it. The bear is in our living room as a decoration (he had slept in David's room until 3 days ago). The point I am trying to get at is if you invest $1.00 and find 1 thing you can use it is worth it. I have the memory of the time spent creating with my boy that my friends is "priceless"!

"A Ghastlies Night", Alexander Henry Fabric Collection, I posted about how much my Mom liked this fabric when I won it Ghastlies have arrived. I have her believing a making something for a online challenge, instead of a library bag for her. He he!

I dug in my stash of tucked away favorites and found these fabrics, Cheap Talk by Connecting Threads, to make pillowcases for the school children in CT! Cheap talk is one of my all time favorite to make kids thing with! Gotta start working on these so they get them after holiday break! Are you going to make one?

fiberluscious Christmas Giveaway this link will take you to a giveaway for such a beautiful pincushion. The only problem with telling everyone what craftsmanship is in this pincushion and the talent of the creator is that is having a giveaway - more people will enter! I love pincushions and this is right up one top of my list! So, go enter for your chance after your finish reading!

I just received a gift (can't show you) I bought off ETSY Karen's store is Quilting, Thrifting & Selling for my Mom for Christmas it is a great place to shop! I gotta start wrapping, wrapping, and wrap some more tomorrow! Yippee!

Health Update: The flu turned into a sinus infection, bronchitis, and a temporary diabetes (so says the doctor). After I am well the fluctuation in sugar blood levels should go back to normal. Also one of the reasons I felt so bad! I am on super antibiotics and I should be better just in time for Christmas! Already feeling better!


  1. That bear is so beautiful! I love the vintage style like that. Glad you got the package. Sorry to hear you have been sick too. Not fun at all!

  2. You have a lot going on over the bear. I started my stash from garage sell fabrics....great way to save.


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