Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holidays are over?

Not here! Look what my friend Rie @ Crafty Rie sent for Christmas! She has become one of my favorite pen pals (Momma calls it that and it works for me). I suppose I will add a few Zakka Style projects to my goals for 2013. Thank you Rie! Yes, I did scream Eek, when I opened this package!. Behind the awesome book is a bag of Cadbury "Freddo", chocolate frogs, which David just loves. Timtam's are my favorite, if I can keep everyone else in the house from finding them, they may make it a couple days. A FQ of unique fabric I have never seen before to pet! Yummy! The friends I have made through blogging are the best and have brought such Joy to my life.

The blocks for Rosa from the flickr group Scrappy? Sew bee it! I finished up this morning (12) for her. Low Volume is more difficult than I thought it would be. I hope she likes them!

Of course, I need a few for me for my ever growing block collection.

I really wanted to use a few strips of this fabric I bought off "eBay" but would never want to offend anyone so I didn't! It is really fun though isn't it?

So tell me would you use this fabric in something or does it offend you? Be honest, I am curious. When I bought it I thought of using it to make a pouch for one of my grown daughter, they think I am a prude.. Sew funny! Lisa


  1. I love the fabric. I am not offended by it. We all where them just like socks!

  2. Your bee blocks look great. I saw them over at Flickr. You made so many!

  3. SO glad you liked it, I chose the fabric especially for you - thought you'd like the little motifs.
    And as for the bra fabric, it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ohh I like the fabric - show it off on a bag (if you want to be safe use some socks print on the other side, they might cause less of a stirr)

  5. That fabric is so much fun! Maybe not for a quilt but would love it in a make up pouch or a coin purse!

  6. That fabric is gorgeous! It's perfect for a pouch, a small bag, a small purse or even as highlight fabric in a bed quilt! Of course I'd use it!

  7. I LOVE that fabric! I would use it in a heartbeat for a purse front.

  8. Love the bra material! I just love novelty fabrics that make a statement. Who is the manufacturer? I would like to get some.


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