Saturday, January 12, 2013

Out Of Touch

Well Thursday our very pregnant daughter called saying she was having contractions 4 minutes apart pretty steady and her Dr. told her and her fiancé at her appt. that the baby was coming in the next 48 hours. Please come now she was afraid!

So Friday the contractions slowed down, my husband had her out running around hoping they would start again. He will probably go back home Saturday to stay with David until Zoey is born if she doesn't make an appearance soon! Me? I will be right here. Michael works 12 hour days and my daughter is alone at home without a car. Funny thing is I don't drive! But sometimes in a woman's life she just needs her Momma! The look of relief on her face last night as she flew into my arms took me back to when she was little and in need.

Well I have finished my halloween quilt for all the world to see and first thing my daughter's dog (Ollie) does is lay down on it! He knows a comfy spot when he see's it!

The front (don't have details today) the fabric info is sitting by my machine at home!

The back! I loved this panel (also by the sewing machine) I picked up at a little quilt shop in Northern, West Virginia.

I always have Peaches and Cream to keep me occupied while we wait! I am sorry that I will not be doing my blogging job for a week or so, but I will try to get to someplace with wi-fi this next week. Thank you! No baby yet! I will try to keep you posted. Pray for a healthy Momma and baby for me! Please hang with me! Lisa


  1. I love your Halloween quilt! The back panel is great. Prayers to your daughter and the little one who is waiting to make a grand entrance. Love that Sugar and Cream color-keeps tempting me to buy it, but I am trying to destash my yarn a bit!

  2. Great Halloween quilt. Here hoping that new baby makes his/her way into the world soon and you will be there. Blessings to all.

  3. You are all ready for Halloween 2013! It looks great. That's awesome that you were able to be there for your daughter - of course she ran to your arms. Even when they are new moms (or soon-to-be), they still need their mamas. (((Hugs)))

  4. Nice quilt. Hope things go easily with your daughter. And we will be here when you get back.

  5. That is so great that your are with your daughter, hang in there, we will see you when you get back.


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