Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zippers and Pouch

I made my first pouch today (really 2 days ago), and cut my first zipper down! It is not perfect which goes to show you just because I write a blog doesn't mean I know always what I am doing. I am always interested in learning new skills by making mistakes. I used the FREE Cratsy Bag Making Basics with Kristin Link Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch is excellent. I also used a Craftbuds tutorial called: Easy Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial. for additional information on zippers.

See my mistake it didn't line up! Still useable!

I was packing up my sewing things to go to our daughter's house (who has no internet - so I am not sure when I will get to someplace with wi-fi), back to my story. I took my new pouch and filled it with zippers. My husband comes by and picks it up and asked if he could have it! Big shock, he is very supportive of my sewing, quilting, blogging, swapping world wide, and spending his money, but never has he asked for something like for hisself(take that back he ask me to buy some fabric he found in a quilt shop 15 years ago and make him a quilt, it took 12 years for me to learn to quilt it). So I opened another bag that was going with me and threw those zippers in it and gave it to him! He but his medicine in it to take on our trip. I am so pleased. Looking forward to read your comments when I get back to the internet. Lisa

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  1. Nice zipper pouch. It does look like it would even hold all MY husbands meds. Good luck on having your grandchild fast and easy.


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