Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chef's Apron

For Valentine's Day I was making an apron for my husband then my digital sewing machine "Martha" stopped stitching on the bottom side. Sears thinks it is the timing, what a drag! So I pulled out my old Kenmore that I take to classes and sew ins and finally got it finished yesterday. "Better late than never", I always say!

My husband loves hot sauce and puts it on almost anything. I think it covers up my horrible cooking. Which is why I try to avoid it whenever possible. He is such a good sport! It is only 32 degrees outside and he even brought utensils to simulate cooking. After about 20 photos he was freezing.

The reversible apron is Michael Miller "Smokin Hot Black" fabric on one side! Just perfect for his need for sauce.

He decided if I was getting anymore pictures he was going to be warm in his work coat.

The fabric on this side is Michael Miller "Groovy Guitar Gray" everyone needs a little music with dinner!

When I cut off the top section of the apron, I kinda had a large padded piece that was odd shaped. I didn't just want to throw it away so I made this pouch for DH to carry his cooking school supplies in. You see my husband is a college student in a Culinary Arts program.

He pointed out that not everything would fit in the pouch! He is such a comic! Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks" and please drop in anytime, Lisa!

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