Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mail Call

Gmama Jane's of GrandMama's Stories , Dare To Dresden Blog Hop, giveaway arrived in the mail yesterday. I am so in love with her mini quilt that has come to live "In The Boon Docks" it will be cherished I promise!

It is already hung on the wall with the other small quilts I have acquired. My goal is to one day have this wall completely covered with little quilts by all the talented women I have met in blogland.

It is funny how small the world really is with the internet at our finger tips. Jane and her husband both went to Marshall University here in West Virginia not 30 minutes from my home. They are coming for a college function in April and have invited me to meet with them. I am excited! Thank you Jane, for the wonderful giveaway goodies and the invite!

It is 29 degrees here today "In The Boon Docks" with snow flurries. Good weather to stay indoors and sew! Hope you get a chance to sew today too! Lisa


  1. I am so happy you won Grandmama Janes quilt. Although I wish it would have been me, you need it for your quilt wall. Congratulations again.

  2. Yeah, it looks so good on your hangar!! Looking forward to seeing you in April!
    Gmama Jane


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