Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Repairing Utilitarian Old Quilts

First, I just have to show you Apple Jack Cotton, by Tim and Beck, from Moda. Isn't this fabric line so cute! I won a jellyroll during the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop from Sharon @ Vroomans Quilts! Thank you Sharon, you have such great taste in fabric, I plan on something fun for my littlest baby girl! The next blog hop will be "April Showers" with Madam Samm!

I bought this old quilt at a yard sale for a $1.00. It had no batting, just a piece of muslin sewn on. One day I planned to deconstruct it so I could practice Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) that day has arrived!

Repairs needed to be made where it had a couple of little wear holes. I grabbed a couple of scraps and went to work.

Cut a scrap bigger than your hole. Then iron all 4 sides over about 1/8".

Cut out a piece of "Heat Bond", I used "Lite" because that is what I had on hand, that fits almost to all the sides (to big and you get yuck on your iron). Now, iron the "Heat Bond" down on your scrap.

I did one little piece. Let it COOL! Then lifted up the edge, slid my next tiny piece under it and ironed the second little square. Do not remove the cover sheet completely. Why? Remember the yuck (glue)! I wanted as close to the edges as possible.

Iron your patch over the hole! Which is good enough for my purpose because eventually I will FMQ right over the top to further secure it. For a finished repair - do a blind stitch around it. That way the edges will not lift up later, and the patch will last for a very long time.

Also, Dritz Quilting Curved Basting Pins Size 3 are the greatest for pinning. They are easy to handle and they don't poke you! I bought mine at a LQS. I found them at Amazon for $9.76 and this shop sells them for $4.99. But instead of paying shipping look in your LQS.

Create and be unique, Lisa!


  1. That's a good way to do it, and much easier than trying to turn under as you sew.

  2. I just realized that our NEW BLOGGERS BLOG HOP days are the same!! I sure could use some help with a few things...please!


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