Monday, March 25, 2013

Simple Joys

"Simple Joys in Life"!

My family is my life. My husband - I love him so much I feel like I could burst sometimes! My beautiful daughters bring me joy just talking to them. My grandchildren are so delightful and fun just to hold! But David keeps me much busier than that! I don't know were my life would be without him!

Yes! These two are family and part of the simple joy I have everyday!

I love making things even if it is not a quilt, sewing little things to give to or swap with others! It brings me such joy sending off things for someone else to get a surprise in the mail. I have yet to be disappointed on what I received in return! The look on a child's face when you give them something you made just for them! (Last weeks starts and finishes).

I love fabrics - to look, hold, pet, buy, create! It gives me so much pleasure just going through my fabric containers looking for the next project! Big joy comes when going to quilt stores!

The daffodils poking their heads up through the cold ground to show Spring is on it's way!

I enjoy taking care of my birds (chickens), they have such simple needs, and give you eggs!

I am linking up with Deborah from Simply Miss Luella for the lets get acquainted Monday Link up! Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"! Create and be unique, Lisa


  1. What a lovely post.
    I love those little chicks. Visiting from "lets get acquainted"

  2. I live in the boondocks too! lol... And you are right - family is so important and brings so much joy! I love my little chickens too!lol visting you from Let's get Acquainted link up party!!

  3. What a very special post! You have a wonderful family! And your recent projects are beautiful! PS I love chickens!

  4. First time visit from "Let's Get Acquainted" - what a lovely post about how it isn't always just our hobbies worth celebrating but our family and life as well! So lovely to see the daffodils poking up to let us know that Spring is on its way.

  5. Love the family photo! So natural and blissful.


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