Friday, April 12, 2013

What is going

Hi everyone, let me tell you about my wonderful week with toilets that didn't want to flush. Can you imagine no showers for 2 days, then only 5 minutes for the last 4 days. It takes that long to get the water right when your fixing it for a kid. Cannot wash clothes or use your dishwasher. Then you can use your dishwasher but water starts backing up in it and then a circuit on the board burns out. Slipped on a towel and twisted my back and that but me out for a few days. Just not the best week. All my vacation money just went down the drain literally! Sometimes I wish I never left the city.

Ugh! My yard!

It has a pump with it's own alarm system! For a septic system!

Sometimes things happen in our lives that we think "I can't handle one more thing". Most everything were things that could be fixed and just annoyed me. My family are all healthy, I twisted my back, it happens, a few colds, but nothing serious! Thank you God! We will go on vacation next year but our sewer problems are over! Some families deal with a lot more than we did this week! Please kiss your babies and thank God you only have the little problems in life. Sorry, had to vent, feel guilty, and be thankful.

I am working on a baby quilt for a shower tomorrow afternoon. New life is so wonderful! That is really what pulled me out of my funk over this last week! I am just grateful to be here and have it happen. I hope you have a glorious weekend! I will leave you with Zoey's Easter Blanket!

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  1. We had a root clog our sewer line not once but twice! I totally feel your pain. Both times it happened right after Christmas. Glad you got it all fixed. Zoey's blanket is gorgeous. Boy, she's already grow a lot!


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