Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not a quick project

Can you see what I did wrong?


Pick, pick, pick!

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Until next time, create and be unique! Lisa


  1. Hmmmm well no. Very pretty .

  2. I've never done tumblers before so I don't see the mistake either, these must be so cute (they are being made out of the mini charms?)

  3. You started them all the same way????? Just guessing. I've never done one before either.

    1. Yep, that's what she did. You're supposed to alternate. Good eye!! :)

  4. Not sure what you did wrong? I just got the template/ruler for the tumbler on Saturday, can't wait to use it. I guess I better read my instructions again :) Have a great day Lisa!

  5. I did the same thing with several of my rows. :) For my very first two quilts (2 twin-size tumbler quilts for my twin nephews), I chose to use a tumbler pattern. It was a little more challenging than I though after viewing the tutorial on MSQC's youtube channel. BUT once I figured out what I was doing, it came together quickly. You're practically an expert, so you should do just fine! ;) Enjoy!!


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