Sunday, July 14, 2013

Le Challenge - Toffee

Welcome to In The Boon Docks!

Hi! I am Lisa, wife, mother, grandmother, veteran, and artist. In a rural area of West Virginia, USA, my family and I, live with 3 dogs, 8 chickens, a squirrel, and miscellaneous deer (they live in our woods). We grow, can, and freeze, both fruits and vegetables. I will admit I am a awful cook but my husband is a culinary student.

I love to blog, blog hop, swap, sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and just about any DIY project. I am a fabric and Aurifil thread lover! Hopefully, some of the things I write about here will interest you and keep you entertained. If so, please leave a comment occasionally and follow.

Why am I telling you all this at the Monthly Le Challenge? I see a lot of new blogs each month and I figure if I don't know you, you probably don't know me! A little introduction into the happenings at "In The Boon Docks".

Now for Le Challenge

Here is a toffee photo I borrowed from Kessa's post! Looks yummy but a craft project?

When I first heard "Toffee" I thought I would be sitting this month out. I wondered where do they come up with this stuff. Then I remembered Lucy was involved and sometimes she has me laughing so hard, I almost ...You get the idea! Then came an email from Kessa and I saw her inspirations using the color Toffee. I started running around the house collecting up my crocheting, my photo fabric, and my iPad! I had just finished this scarf for this coming Winter last week. In what color you ask? Toffee! I have my entry for this month. Thank you Kessa!

My Work in progress hat!

I am linking up with Le Challenge!

Please check out all of the other toffee themed projects this month at Le Challenge, just click on the picture and it will take you to the linky party! Next months theme comes out tomorrow! So maybe you might want to join us and play! It is very fun seeing everyone's interpretations of the monthly theme.

Le Challenge

Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"!
Until next time, create and be unique! Lisa


  1. Oi Lisa!Quando vi os caramelos logo pensei que fosse uma receitinha...Gosto desta cor também,e adorei o seu tear e cachecol.Bençãos

  2. Great project for le challenge! Thanks for linking up and also introducing yourself - nice to know more about the participants!

  3. Great post, I like your version of toffee rather than the one that land permanently on your hips.

  4. Very nice! Your scarf looks lovely and snuggly.

  5. Great choice, I started to make mine but then I wanted more fabric and it hasn't come yet, oh well, a future project to show.

  6. Cute scarf! Can't wait to see the hat too.

  7. That color brown makes me want some milk chocolate

  8. The color fits just right! Yummy.

  9. That is brilliant! How serendipitous! Thanks for the compliment and so glad the inspiration post proved just that :)


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