Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zippers and Email

How do you feel about recycled zippers?

I am a recycler but if I am making something for a swap or giveaway I always use new materials. Recycled zippers usually have some of the paint off it's zipper head (I have no idea what it is called) but is doesn't look new. Looks rustic to me and I use them on all my family gifts.

I myself prefer a metal zipper to the plastic ones and they can get pricey! I buy old purses at yard sales that are beyond using anymore and deconstruct the whole bag for useable parts. Some of the zipper pulls and handles, I just can't wait to use!

Am I the only nut out there tearing things apart for a cool zipper pull?

One other thing

I am currently experiencing email problems as I write this I have 2,414 email message. Not bragging, suffocating. I love giveaways and reading comments and I want comments but I am way behind. So if I haven't emailed you lately and it is anything important please resend it! Not comments from the blog or your current post but Blog Hop emails or deadlines I might be missing. Please forgive me I don't see how I can respond to them all "but thank you are all the best followers around". I have another giveaway to kick off this week so I am possible going to commit blogger suicide by deleting them and starting over! I hope you all understand and they are on the blog. I don't know how else to handle this problem at the moment! Got any suggestions?

Thank you for listening to me, Lisa

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  1. I am also a recycler :) i find that backpack zippers can be great to reuse... i have tons of used zippers but i am also hesitant... i love all the fun used hardware though and it is a huge cost saver!


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