Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sewing Summit Giveaway

Hi, I am Elizabeth Johnson

Have you heard about this giveaway?

Sewing Summit Trip Giveaway

I entered and this is what I wrote:

Wow, what prizes! I have dreamed about going to Sewing Summit one day, so I nominate myself! Do to financial obligations I would never be able to afford the costs! I love this community and the bloggers in it. To be able to meet and learn from all of them would be a remarkable experience that would last a lifetime. Why me? I say why not me! I am a 49 year old wife, mother, grandmother, raising a grandson. That is 28 years of raising children with many more years to go. In my spare time I blog, quilt, sew, crochet, knit, and helps at community events.

I have learned to ask when I need help and I could really use yours right know!

Sewing Summit Trip Giveaway. Please follow the link to nominate me or someone else. I would love to attend this sewing function and the more nominations is just one more chance I could possibly attend! Otherwise I will never get there!

Thank you for your consideration!

Elizabeth Johnson


  1. Hope you get to go - just nominated you.

  2. Hi Lisa. I hope you get to go and you have the best time possible. You deserve it. Just finished nominating you.Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. I just nominated you - hope you win!!!


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