Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scissors Giveaway

Giveaway Alert

Hello Everyone,

I am posting about scissors at my house to try and win a pair of Gingher scissors because they are one of the best sewing scissors on earth and usually very expensive but Thearica is having a giveaway sponsored by Ken's Sewing Center! I have to admit I would love to win! But what is a giveaway without others entering and I get an extra chance just for sharing with my friends! Please go and enter the giveaway, you will be very happy if you win!

Thearica @ Pig Tales and Quilts. You know her, she does blog hops with Madam Samm's and is a Head Cheerleader! She makes beautiful creations and also has an online store.

We have two pairs of scissors in the silverware drawer! One pair for the young man in our home and a pair to cut bags and paper! What a messy drawer!

I have 2 pairs of scissors for sewing! The little ones I just bought for snipping threads. The others are old and my husband tries to keep them sharp to cut fabric. They are not to great! Do you like my holder it is all that is left of my old dishwasher that broke last month and pretty handy for sewing tools! Always recycling!

That makes for a total of 4 pairs at our house!

How many pairs do you have?

Ken @ Ken's Sewing Center is the sponsor for the giveaway!
Sew if you don't win a pair you can buy a pair!

That makes for a total of 4 pairs at our house!

How many pairs do you have?

Sew to win a pair of 7" Gingher scissors would be so exciting! Please join me and jump over and enter

Pig Tales and Quilts

Until next time,
Create and be unique,

Good luck everyone!


  1. Hi Lisa! Awesome post! Thanks for shouting it out!

  2. Thank you, Lisa, for letting us know. I have a big pair that is all metal and sometimes hard for me to hold. Sometimes when I wake up, my hands are really stiff. I also have a very small pair that is easier for me to hold, but does'nt cut as well. A new pair would be wonderful to have. I am off to Thearica's blog now so have a great day!

  3. Lots more than four! LOL I collect them. I had to physically walk out of two quilt shops on the shop hop today to keep myself from buying more cute little "project" scissors!

  4. Thanks for letting us know! I have about 5 or 6. Two are hair cutting shears, 1 is in the kitchen, 1 for paper, and 2 for sewing. Every single one of them needs sharpening!

  5. ha ha calling us out eh? lets see. I have my grandmothers pair, two or three pair of those orange handled cheapies that I let hubby use (he takes all MY scissors and I threaten divorce) curved applique ones, small 3 inch ones, and at least two more pair at the sewing table. now,,,,,,,,,,inside project boxes and bags.............who knows? If I cant find them, I buy a pair. (someone's gotta keep the economy going) LOL thanks for making me "accountable".


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