Friday, January 24, 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous January Check In

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The other members and I are on a fast to buy no new fabric until July 2014 and use only the fabrics we have in our stash for the next 6 months. One month is almost over and I am here to share my results with you today at Fabriholics Anonymous!

I am happy to announce I bought no new fabric except my Moda Candy Club (club I was in before I joined) that is used for the
Quilters Candy Unwrapped and FQS Mini Charm Giveaway! We cannot buy fabric but you can win it!

I am finding it incredibly difficult though with all the sales and new fabric coming out so I have been pinning it all on Fabrics I Want , figure maybe when the fast is over I can try to find some of it on sale. Ha ha..

Pull these from my stash to work on some pouches this evening for a blog hop giveaway through Vicki @ 2 Bags Full that starts tomorrow!

It is amazing what you find in your stash when you start digging to make projects! So, my goal for next month is to use up just as much fabric! Good luck everyone! Having trouble uploading pics!

Thank you for stopping by!
Create and be unique,

I am linking up with all my Fabriholics Anonymous Members with Rebecca @ Making Rebecca Lynne


  1. Good job on keeping up with your goals.

  2. Great job. I only had a lapse of a stash subscription that I forgot to cancel. It was not for giveaway fabric though. The rest of the month has been great.

  3. OH!

    A pinterest board to shop from when its all over! What a great idea!

    1. That way I don't forget what I liked!

  4. I'm trying not to buy fabric either - mine's due to budget constraints. I do have a one block from a BOM from last year that I need to go pick up from December. It's not fair to my LQS not to do that and I want the block so I have the complete set, too. I don't know how long I'll have my self-imposed constraint. I have lots of fabric - mostly kits. I am making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, so I will buy some fabric for that, if I need that since it's a special project. I have been buying solids for that so I hope I have enough of those. I'm trying not to repeat any of them. I also have two quilts to bind before a quilt show in June. One is a king size and one is a queen size and each is a curved binding. I have to scallop one of them yet, too. So those projects should help to keep me busy and not buying fabric. I'm proud of your and your accomplishment for January. Maybe it will get easier and easier as time progresses. I just try not to look and then I find I'm not as tempted. Congrats.

  5. Hi Lisa. Thanks for sharing. :) I am an impulse fabric buyer -- if it's too good a deal to pass up, I forget to remember that I have no earthly use for it. This year I need to come up with some 'uses' for what I already have. :)

  6. Good or you on your stash busting! I'm trying to not buy and new fabrics either unless it's to finish a project.

  7. Since no buying is what you want, congratulations on your success!

  8. Congratulations on your fabric fast. I know how hard it is - I have also held fast. I'm missing the wonderful packages in the mail. :(

  9. Great idea to keep track of the fabrics you want while you're fasting. I might have to try that too!

  10. Great job - you're quite right too, it's amazing how many treasures are buried in the stash once you start looking.

  11. Good for you! I have only bought backing fabric and white background fabric and I'm very pleased with that fact. It is kind of scary what we find when we start digging in our stash, isn't it? My stash isn't like some but I have been collecting small pieces of Christmas fabrics to make both a postage stamp quilt and a charm square quilt. I cut those 53 prints up up so that should keep me busy and out of the fabric stores.


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