Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fabriholic February Check In

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The other members and I are on a fast to buy no new fabric until July 2014 and use only the fabrics we have in our stash for the next 6 months. One month is almost over and I am here to share my results with you today at Fabriholics Anonymous!

I am sad to say I failed miserably and fessed up to it publicly so that I would try harder in the future! So everyone knows I posted here more for myself than for anything. That was the end of January! Since then the only thing I bought was my Moda Candy Club (club I was in before I joined) that is used for the
Quilters Candy Unwrapped and FQS Mini Charm Giveaway! We cannot buy fabric but you can win it!

Karen @ CapitolaQuilter
is sewing from her stash to save money to go to QuiltCon 2015, so make a goal to reward yourself!

For Valentines my awesome husband paid for Free Motion Quilting A Sampler with Leah Day The fun part is he ordered the fabric for it from Spoonflower. It pays to complain you have no one local to teach you something. Craftsy is my friend!

It is a cheater fabric by Amy Gibson from the first BOM on Craftsy! 3 yards to practice on during the course! I was really proud of him! Hopefully I can start working on it an get a little better at my quilting! You make a beautiful quilt top and then you work hard (at least I do) to quilt it and disappointment. It looks so easy for everyone else.so back to school for me! I really enjoy and do learn from there online courses!

It is amazing what you find in your stash when you start digging to make projects! So, my goal for March is to use up just as much fabric as I can! Good luck everyone!

Thank you for stopping by!
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I am linking up with all my Fabriholics Anonymous Members with Rebecca @
Making Rebecca Lynne


  1. Yay for you! Craftsy is an awesome opportunity to learn new techniques, with such a wide range of tutors, you are sure to come out a winner. And what a cool present!

  2. I am a Craftsy person too. Love my Craftsy courses.

  3. I have that class as well. Haven't finished that one yet but I love all of them that I have taken. Happy stash sewing!

  4. You will learn so much with Leah Day! That young woman is an amazing quilter. Have fun, and good luck improving your skills. :)
    Carole, from Fresh off the Frame

  5. Confession: I bought three fat quarters but I had a reason! My husband was having surgery Monday afternoon and I knew he needed to get out of the house so I told him I needed thread and did he want to go. Since we drove 16 miles to a new-to-me quilt store I knew he'd die if I only bought thread so I threw in $8 worth of fat quarters. Keeping him entertained was worth the $8! Have fun taking your class. Your husband is a keeper sounds like!

  6. yeah, I did even join any of the fabric starvation link ups. I'm was too impulsive for that. :) I have done good this month though! Actually using things I already bought - crazy right?

  7. OMG that is such a great goal! To save up for QuiltCon - good idea...I'll have to go congratulate her. In the meantime, you use those skills from Leah to help you explore/use your stash! What a great hubby...


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