Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bloggers Beware

Wendy at The Crafter's Apprentice Sent me an email that my work and that of many others was being pirated! But I don't even know what kind of website it really is?

Quilt Patterns Pro I do say it almost looks like Bloglovin?

Any ideas?
Blogger's you might want to see if you are there too! Not just links but whole post's!

But they are doing in through feedburner which is our RSS Feeds. After you login to feedburner go under Analyze and under uncommon uses. I bet you find them there!

On a sweeter note Zoey is visiting! Poor George she has decided he is hers.

Thank you for stopping by


  1. No, it's not like Bloglovin'. You can't get to the blog the content was stolen from at all, unless you search for it in Google. It's just a website with a lot of stolen content.

  2. No they've just stolen our work and are trying to make money from adverts :(

  3. That site got taken down today.

  4. Oh....glad to read Kim's post that the site was taken down! Don't people realise that sites with stolen content hurt all who love the craft??
    Love the pic of Zoey....she is sooo cute!


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