Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fabriholics Anonymous April Check-in

Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I am a Fabriholic! The other members and I are on a fast to buy no new fabric until July 2014 and use only the fabrics we have in our stash for (6) months. Month (4) is almost over and I am here to share my results with you today at Fabriholics Anonymous April Check-in!

So the good part is I did not spend a lot of money
bad part while I was cooped up in bed I shop the sales!
I admit I was bored!
Bad combination sick/hurt, bored, and a iPad!

Naughty in April - I'll be sewing all summer!

Rebecca and Jess showed your their lovelys so I'll show you mine!

April Showers - I loved Zoey's dress (Deal of the Day)

Kaffe Shot Cottons and Craftsy had them on sale!
Usually way to expensive for me.
Quilt for hubby and I in the future!

New dress or romper for Zoey's summer wardrobe!

Can you say a gift for hubby - new pillow cases (Fathers Day)!

I always need solids and these all looked like great spring colors!

Bluebird Park - I love Birdie and Kate!
It is starting to disappear out of the online stores
so I just had to snatched this up at a great price!

When it is gone it's gone! Depressing!

I am going to make myself a summer shirt out of this beautiful (2) yards!

I hope I got it all out of my system!
I will try to be good this month and get back on track.

Spent No Money on Fabric!

I do admire all of you who have bought nothing!
I am so weak, because it is all so pretty!

I am still here with you, my friends!
Looks like another (6) months for me, Mrs. Becca!

How do you avoid the sales and still know
what is going on in the fabric world?

Create and be unique! Lisa

I will be linking up with the other Fabriholics at Making Rebecca Lynne


  1. Ooh April Showers! That is one line I am very sad to be missing. I still read all the new fabric blogs and emails and look at the new collections, I just delete all the sale emails and tell myself no. In a way i'm finding an outright no easier than trying to work out if I can justify each purchase!

  2. Fabrics are too hard to resists. For me march was the worst binge in fabric buying. Hmmm....enjoy your beautiful stash.
    May be lots of sewing for the next few months ;). It was fun checking out your newly acquired fabric stash :-)!

  3. I do hope your little shopping spree did help to cheer you up and make your recovery that much more bearable! Those are sure some lovely additions!

  4. Yes this is harder than it looks. You got some great things hold on till the end?! Right! Good luck and happy sewing! Hope you feel better too!

  5. A shop hop and a Craftsy sale were my undoing this month.

  6. I was bad, too, this month. I didn't buy anything that wasn't on sale but I did buy some extras simply because they were on sale. I'm hopefully back on track for May. Love that Bluebird Park....


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