Monday, June 16, 2014

Giveaway Reminder & Your opinion matters

Giveaway Reminder

Currently there is a giveaway taking entries for at In the boon docks $25 Gift Certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics and a pack of UNO cards!

Giveaway ends June 20, 2014

Your Opinion Matters

I recently won (2) different Traveling Stash Boxes

Boxes #2 & #3

There is so much good stuff in these box – patterns, notions, books, and fabric.

This is open to US mailing addresses only – sorry international guests. :-(
(International Postal Rates)

You must be willing to pay the $12 or so dollars to ship to the next person!

You must be willing to replace the equivalent value and/or type of product that you took out (Only Quilt Shop Quality Fabric)

Please realize the box is NOT A PRIZE. You don't get to keep the whole box of stuff. You take what you want from the box and then replace it with items of equal (or better) value. That means if you take 5 fat quarters you replace with the equivalent of 5 fat quarters. Or if you clean out the patterns and books, you put some new ones in there along with something else good. You get it, right? THEN, you make a post like this here one and you pick a winner and then you send the box to them.

Now for your opinion,

I want to know why your not excited to enter and win?

Is it the cost of replacing the fabrics!

Is it the cost to mail it to the next person?

Or you don't love checking out what's hiding inside?

Do you want to see more fabrics or less?



Ideas for additional notions?

I want to know! These boxes have traveled for years and I want them to live on!
What would it need to have in it for you to want in it?
Please give me ideaš!

Please take a few minutes to leave a comment!
Thank you for your help!


  1. If your not getting $12 worth of items it's not worth getting. I personally like everything but notions. Notions is something that I buy as I need.

  2. What I look for in a stash box:

    1. Items I really do want. If the current host just doesn't show it off well enough and/or what they show doesn't appeal to me, I'll pass. I dont' want to see every last thing but I need at minimum one good pic of what they added and one pic of other contents in the box (like things they thought were good but just didn't take/want/need)

    2. Majority fabric. That's what I go for first in the boxes so I like ones that are heavy on the fabric. I like anything from scrap packs to charms to big cuts. I even like a bit of non-quilting cottons for variety. It's fun to paw through it all even if I only take a few items.

    3. Notions I haven't experienced yet. If I see a box that has a "special" notion, like a change purse form or a weird shape ruler, that could definitely lure me into trying for it.

    4. Non-quilt patterns. I'm not advanced enough at quilting to appreciate/use involved patterns. But if there were a few patterns for stuffed toys or bags, that could lure me in, too. But not clothing (not patient enough for that!).

    What I actively DISLIKE in a box?

    Random stuff that's not sewing related. Sounds picky, I know, but I don't want to pay to shuffle note pads/note cards/post cards around the country.

    Super common notions like embroidery floss or plain thread. BORING. I'm ok with embroidery floss if it's something fun/fancy (like sparkly) but the regular floss you can get for 40 cents? No need to waste space in the box with that. Or a spool of plain old thread. Bah to that.

  3. I'd love to have a traveling stash box. Things I like: modern aesthetic fabrics, good quality threads, interesting or different notions like rulers or a cool thimble. Mostly just fabric. I received a traveling stash box that has a bunch of patterns. Patterns aren't really my style. Or non-modern patterns aren't my style so I didn't take any of those out. Random non-sewing notions like flower making, beading supplies. No gracias. There were also quite a few... taste specific fabrics we'll call them, that I think would be best suited for a specific fabric swap rather than a general traveling stash.

  4. I loved these boxes, but quit doing them as soon as they became filled with junk. I asked the blogger who was administrator at that time about it, but she said there was nothing you could really do if people put cast offs in the box. I am always willing to look and see. If I like it, I'm in. I too am a big fabric person.

  5. I won one about a year ago and I got some fabric out of it, but a lot of what was in the bos really wasn't my style. Some of the colors didn't match the photos at all. The patterns/magazines were dated. And it costed me $20 to ship it to the next person. I love the idea, but really I think dome people use it to dump stuff. I have seen a couple since and didn't even try for them because I don't think got value out of the one I won.

  6. I love these, but I'm on a budget. I really need to see what is in the box. I don't like a mystery box. Many times I have seen boxes that just don't have any prints that I like. I can't really afford a mystery box where I may end up shipping it back as is. I know that might sound odd, but we use these to trade fabric we won't use, for fabric we will use. If I'm not getting something I can use, I won't spend the money.


  8. I would love to win the give away from Pink Chalk Fabrics... and maybe get the Creative grids lazy angle ruler, or the patterns from Thimble Blossoms, "On a Whim" or "Round & Round" or some of the new Moda solids....or.....the wish list goes on and on. But such fun choices would be fun to get to make!!!!

  9. I like solid fabric in them. It seems that most of them are random prints and I never see cool color solids. I just love solids lol! I also like just getting a box and going through it and seeing where all it has been. I dislike finding less then quality items.


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