Saturday, June 7, 2014

Need a great Fathers Day Gift

Greg Cartwright makes the most beautiful pens!
You can have Dad's name etched on it!
So many to pick from at
Cartwright's Creations

At a very reasonable cost!
Each on has a story of its own!

So go take a look and get one for your Father!
He has fancy and plain ones available in his shop!

The kids need to buy a present -
Have one engraved with the kids names
So each time he uses it -
He thinks of his children!

I don't know how Rusty snuck himself onto the blog!

Don't forget Dad!

(We has few made)
Don't tell it's a secret

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. A word of caution. If your chicken is smart enough to have "snuck himself" into your blog, he's smart enough to write an off-the-wall post and leave you to take responsibility. It happens everyday with animals that are as disgruntled as they are brilliant.

  2. Those would make a great gift! Thanks for sharing.


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