Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pink Chalk Giveaway & Mail

Perfect Picnic Blog Hop Giveaway

Have you entered my
Pink Chalk Fabrics
Please take a minute and enter!
Then look around at the others in
Perfect Picnic Blog Hop from
Madam Samm @
Sew We Quilt

A Giveaway Day Prize Arrives

I love Giveaway Day @
Sew Mama Sew.
Participating is a blast you get
to see so many new blogs
and visit blogs you love! Find new followers and
enter giveaways yourself all in one place.
Sometime you even win!
I won twice and the first has just arrived a few days ago
all the way from the United Kingdom!
I entered mostly handmade item giveaways
(I like other's creations)
and I really felt like a winner when this little parcel from
Amy @
[Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans
showed up in the mailbox!

Amy is so creative!
I love everything she makes!
Even the packaging!
I am keeping the house too!
Details, it is all in the details!
(I need to learn something from this
because seeing it made me so happy)!

I set it on my tote bag I am working on!
I won her CUTE Mouse pincushion!
Extra surprise she sent me
(2) FQ of Summerlove
They match my tote bag
(I see matching pouches)
Sew pretty!

This mouse is so awesome
From her whiskers, button eyes, ears, to her cute tape measure tail!
I told you Amy's attention to details is spot on!

She is beautiful!

I am so in love with my new house mouse!
She even sits up!
She needs a name!
Any suggestions leave me a comment!

Thank you Amy for my perfect gift.
You can always see for yourself what Amy's sewing
at [Amy's] Crafty Shenanigans

Thank you for stopping by and helping me name my mouse!
Don't forget to leave your name suggestion!
Create and be unique!
Have a beautiful Sunday!


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  1. I think Millie would be a good name for her.

  2. I just got a sausage dog puncushion from my friend so I called him Pinto the Pin Dog. I hope you can pick a nice name for the mouse :)

  3. Millie is a great name! I love following Amy too, I have one of her sweet finger pin-cushions attached to my design wall:-)

  4. I think "Inchy" - for her tail.

  5. Love the details, and I like the names above too, inchie or millie for her little tail!

  6. I like all the names so far too. How about squeak lol


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