Monday, June 23, 2014

Sewing Service Alert


Do you have a problem
with dumping your bobbins out?

Scattered all over the floor?

Drop the box
of one of these?

The lid POPS off?

Then your left looking under
tables, chairs, through your sewing boxes?

Finding them a week later covered in dust!

That was my life! Ugh!
So frustrating!

Has solved my problem!

Dritz Bobbin Box for Sewing

Use this Dritz Heavy Duty Bobbin box to organize
and easily find your sewing bobbins

Heavy duty clear plastic case;
Latching lid keeps items secure and in place
Box is made of sturdy, durable plastic;
Thread colors visible through box

I am so happy!
I hope you can find this product at your
local JoAnn's (coupon), Walmart,
or sewing center (no shipping)!
Online Retailers
JOANN fabric and craft stores (online $7.99)
Walmart (online $6.43)

If nothing else follow the link above
to Amazon and buy it for

(This recommendation is completely my own)!
(Unsponsored Post)

Almost as happy as Zoey was when
she figured out how to
get out of a tied up

She was super excited!

Try walking around with
your boot on backwards!
She did it!

I love children!

She was super excited!
When she figured
out how to put on her
striped boots!

This Sewing Service Alert
was brought to you by
In The Boon Docks


  1. Darn but she is cute! I keep each of my bobbins in a plastic baggie with the corresponding spool of thread. I hate starting to sew only to find out they are different threads and not sewing well together. OCD? maybe, but I finally found a system that works for me LOL

  2. Thanks for the bobbin case idea, will check it out! Yes the little ones are fun!

  3. Oh but she is super cute!! They're just so adorable in their excitement :)

  4. Thanks so much for stopping in a visiting me today :) Your bobbin storage recommendation looks great--I love a good tip!

  5. Lisa I like the BobbinSavers the best. I have 6 of them. I have different color for each machine, blue and light purple. JoAnn is where I bought mine years ago when they were half as much as they are now. They are silicone and the bobbins fit so nicely.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I love my Clover Bobbin Tower. It's perfect, because the thread-end is holding, too, and you can see your colors in one moment.
    Greetings, Rike


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