Monday, March 2, 2015

Show Me Your Stash

Show Me Your Stash

Everywhere lately I see "Show Me Your Stash" and frankly I am a little embarrassed to show anyone my stash. But last night after seeing a Craftsy Giveaway #SecretStash Contest ! I decided to take some pictures and label it my Secret Stash and share it with my friends around the world!

Every time you see photos of a famous quilter's sewing room, fabric stash, threads, or even their bookcase everything is nice and neat. Nothing out of place and spotless! I would spend more time cleaning than sewing.

This from the woman who does even have a sewing room! I sew on the kitchen table, taken it over really! Don't get me wrong I admire and love all these ladies! I also admire their beautiful collections!

I love my stash just as much and you should love yours too!
Whether it is big or small kept in a trash bag,
don't be afraid to show what you have.
Work with what you have!

To enter the Craftsy Giveaway, just take a great picture or several of your stash and follow the directions Here

Why because you might win a prize and a class!
I love Craftsy courses and their supplies to buy!
(Just so you know I am not affiliated with Craftsy in any way)!

Due to disabilities I cannot lift anything heavy
so the containers I use are just perfect to carry around!
Most of my fabrics are sorted by designers!
Though some are by color
and a few are just 1/4 yards of everything thrown in together.
The totes with organic fabrics that I use for Zoey's clothes are in here too!
I will say I buy most fabrics in 1/2 yards and on sale.

My working fabric basket is from a yard sale!
It holds a lot of fabric!
(I clean it out after each project usually)
(I Spy a bit of Indeliable by Katarina Roccella)

Now, this my Friends
this is my scrap bag
and I dig in it all the time!
I do clean it out a couple times a year
and give the scraps to friends!

My sewing space is a bit messer than I would like it.
I have been sewing quite a bit lately making
things to take to the Retreat

My Sew together bag (made by Susan @
The Bored Zombie
holds all my favorite tools! Aurifil 50 wt. threads laying there waiting to be put away or used!

My reading from the Library for the next two weeks! I may not read every page but I try to look through new books when they come in to see what is trending! Sometime just looking at all the ideas is so inspiring!

Thank you for seeing the mess that is me
and excepting me for who I am
and not for what I have in my stash!

Like my stash I am beautiful at times and at others a mess.

Share a picture of your stash on Craftsy
Using the hashtag #secretstash

Nothing could be better than mine

Thank you for stopping by!
Create and be unique!


  1. Hi Lisa! I love your post! Especially when you said you are beautiful at times and sometimes a mess! Hope you win something at Craftsy. MP

  2. Nice stash. I thought I had a lot! Do you keep any kind of a list as to what is in each bin? I just reorganized my stash and I had forgotten so much of what was on the shelves.

  3. Impressive stash, Lisa. I keep my fabrics in containers like that too. One thing I do is add a stick-on label to each container that tells me what is inside. That way I don't have to spend so much time looking for a particular item. I will keep my fingers crossed hoping that you win. Good luck.

  4. HOLY MOLY! you don't have a stash you have a small fabric store! Mr. Podunk would kick me out of the house for sure if I had that much fabric. But I sure do love seeing yours!

  5. Just think... you could get snowed in for years and never have to worry about running out of fabric! We're got snow coming down here again today!

  6. Those pictures make me want to dump all the fabric in the floor and roll around in it and make fabric angels in it. ;)

    storybookfelts at gmail dot com

  7. Lol, you made me laugh! You have a city of fabric in there!! I challenge you to sit down one day with a hot of cup of tea/coffee & open one of those containers & work out approx. how much $$$ it is worth, then times that by the amount of containers you have...... And then I'll challenge you to empty one of those tubs by using it all up!

  8. I enjoyed your post. I too keep my fabric in plastic boxes. I need to go back and reorganize since I have added a lot to my stash since Christmas. I too have a Juki Exceed. I love it.

  9. I LOVE that you've posted your stash. I too have been seeing those posts everywhere, especially on all those pristinely organized quilting blogs and frankly, it really depressed me a lot seeing those pictures. Mine used to be tremendously organized but last year I decided to pull all my fabrics out of my storage closet to reorganize because I wasn't able to reach, or even see the fabrics behind the first row. My closet is really deep so I had the bright idea to redo the entire closet which is about 6 shelves high and it all went into huge trash bags. AND, like you, I am disabled and sadly, I can't even lift the trash bags all my fabrics are in and now I don't know where to start because they must all be emptied into a huge pile in order to begin. I bought a ton of the plastic storage bins I use for my fabrics figuring I can fit two wide and three deep in the closet. Plus then as I am doing the reorganization, I can make a master list giving each of those containers a number and then on the list, writing what is in each bin so I will know without having to pull them out to look in them where I can find which fabric I need for something. Getting started is the biggest problem and so, there it all sits out on my enclosed front porch as it was moved there from the living room so we could put up our Christmas tree.

    Anyway, enough about me, maybe I should enter a picture of all my bags of fabric. LOL We won't discuss what the sewing room tables look like and the fact I can't even use my sewing machine as it's buried because of moving things. That would be an embarrassing picture, but if you can show what yours looks like, then maybe more like me should enter. I keep thinking about the super organized sewing room pics I keep seeing pictures of and wonder what's to the left or right of those super organized shelving units. A picture really only shows what someone wants the viewer to see, right!? Maybe what wasn't shown looks just like my room, or yours. LOL

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment and say good for you being brave and showing your stash. Great job!

  10. I love this post!!! I love "real life" posts in general. My sewing space is in the corner of my dining room, where I can sew and watch the kids and talk to the family and be part of things, and I honestly like it that way. If I had a separate room, I'd miss out on the fun! (Or more likely, miss out on a lot of sewing I'm currently able to do while attending to mother-duties). My stash is always exploding and spilling over and my sewing space is, er ... a "hard working" space. I prefer the term "hard working" to "messy," don't you?


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