Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sewing Service Alert

Hi friends sometimes I just like to reach out to you and share great products, deals, and a few tips!
Machine Maintenance
Be kind to your sewing machine, change the needle after big projects and clean it out often. If you see dust on the outside I can guarentee it is on the inside. If you don't know how to clean your machine - google your machine name, model, cleaning, and someone will show you on a blog or YouTube video. I use a paintbrush to get those dust bunnies out.
Yesterday, at my local Walmart I found these Clover Jumbo Wonder Clips on sale for $13.00 for the 24 pack in the Sewing Clearance Section. I bought both bags of course. Today, I looked at Walmart.com and they are on sale for $17.29. So check your local Walmart in the Clearance and get a good deal. I love this size clip for holding fabric pieces together and they are handy for rolling up a quilt during quilting as shown below.
Let's face it we all need light and some of them can be quite expensive! I have tried and thrown away 4 or 5 because lets face it $50.00 for a little light to hang on my sewing machine is just to much! I found this one again at my local Walmart for $9.95 and it works really well. It is easy to attach and the bracket - comes with it's own sticky attachment sheet, precut. So if you need more light Dritz Flexible LED Light might suit your needs like it has mine.

Here you can see the new light is attached to the back of my Juki because I need to use the front side. The new Clover Jumbo Wonder clips holding my rolled fabric during quilting.

I shop all over and this is not as a advertisment for Walmart and yes it is possible to find these items at JoAnn's and use a 40% off coupon. But as of today Clover Jumbo Wonder Clips are $24.99 and Dritz Flexible Led Light is $16.99. So today, Walmart wins the pricing war on these products at least.


I wanted to share about quilted envelope pillows!

When your quilting the parts of the pillow do you use a backing fabric? I found on one pillow cover I made that after I washed it a few times the batting was leaving fuzzies on my pillow.

Now I use a cheap inexpensive on sale, light colored fabric to quilt them. When I remove one no fuzzies. The pillow cover last longer and you don't end up with batting dust in your sewing machine while making one. Go even cheaper and use an old cotton sheet.


I like spray basting a quilt sandwich. No I am not talking about a large quilt. Pillow covers and mini quilts are what I have sandwiched lately and I have been using this 505 Spray and Fix. It works wonderfully and it doesn't get adhesive on my sewing machine needle.


Hopefully you have gotten this far and found something useful in this post! Thank you for reading! Create and be unique - Lisa

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  1. Those are all good items. I LOVE my Clover Clips and use the 505 all of the time.

  2. great tips, wish i had read this before i went to walmart

  3. I have found great clearance deals at WalMart at times. Interestingly the prices will be different - and maybe not on clearance at a different WalMart location.


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