First Invisible Zipper

Are your couch pillows looking a little old and flat, mine sure where until I started covering them. With a boy at home ours seem to end up on the floor more than on the couch, since he and his friends like to lay on them and play games. I tried envelope closures but they seem to gape open.
So, I thought I'd try an invisible zipper.
Prepare the fronts of both pillows!
I quilted both tops to add a little structure since my pillows were kind of flat!
This one looks pretty good! Matching the fabric back together can be a little hard since you are cutting it in half. Making a 1" fold over on one side. That hides the zipper. Doing a a 1/4 roll over hem on the other side. Sewing in the zipper.

Oops! I bet a small print fabric would have worked better on this one!

Make sure you get a long enough invisible zipper. I used a 16" - 18" one. (fat quarter cut in half)!

Sewing the first side worked like a charm but how not to sew the flap when I sewed the other. Pin it!

Now, you have your front and back completed! Sew them right sides together. Leave part of your zipper open for turning!
Not to bad for the first time. Not perfect but not bad!

Tada! New fluffy couch pillow.

We have been busy around the homestead lately getting ready for Christmas! A few doctors appointments, a few illness (love school), and a beautiful little visitor. I hope to get caught up on my Farmer's Wife 1930s Quilt blocks during the holidays, you can see over at Angie's GnomeAngel – Life of a Creator, Maker and Baker they are cranking the blocks out. The weather is chilly and rainy so the internet is down again. I'll post this as soon as it comes back on.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing my new pillows! Lisa





  1. Hey, go you! I've yet to try an invisible zipper but then again, I've only just mastered sewing a normal zipper in!


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