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Back in December when I saw the post on this linky party at Patty's blog Elm Street Quilts: Happy 2016! Word16 begins I really wanted to participate! Time is limited, but the more I thought about it the more determined I became to do a mini. What WORD would describe what I wanted to do this year. Going into my fourth year as a blogger I have gotten opportunities that I would never have had without blogging. Making quilts and projects for designers and companies is like a dream come true for me. For almost 4 years, I have hopped all over Blogland trying to gain followers and keep it interesting. This year I am going to do that and work on making things to beautify our home. I look at people like Lori Holt's Bee In My Bonnet home and gasp with delight. From quilts to curtains you will see things you will want to make.

Home is not just a house but a place filled with love

Home is were the heart is...

I want my home to be beautiful and inviting with handmade items that reflect our eclectic tastes.

I first began this project in high gear. Running through fabrics and thread but when I was done I was disappointed with my work. My little quilt looked messy.

Does that ever happen to you? I had sewn my binding on the back and rolled it over to machine sew on the front. As you can see, I was a bit rushed and sloppy. After looking at it for a week I decided it was unexceptable to leave it like that. I got my seam ripper out and spent a good hour or two removing the binding. I know it is small but I had to remove the stitching on the front and again on the back.

Now it looks a little better and I have it where I can see it each morning to remind me what projects I need to look for in the future. I am hoping more followers will see a little home in my blog and stop by and visit awhile.
It is still a little warped but so am I. The girl on the from reminds me of myself daydreaming. Being in the military back when I young I was always daydreaming of home. Home then was my Grandmothers in Athens, Texas.
This mini quilt is 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Print Fabric is Simple Life, Tasha Noel, Riley Blake & the solids are Kona by Robert Kaufman
Thread for the piecing, straight line quilting, and the embroider word is Aurifil 50 wt. #1158 Med. Grey
I am now happy with the end result it is small but it has a big message on it for me. Maybe by next Christmas I'll be showing you excellent photographs of my home and you will say "wow"! I can hope!

I was really impressed with this article and thought you might enjoy it too!

6 Ways Blogging Will Change Your Life – RUN WRIGHT. So many positive things have happened in my life due to becoming a blogger almost 4 years ago. I have grown as a person because I wanted to enter a giveaway! Kind of funny how it all worked out.

Thank you Lisa



  1. I love this idea and didn't see the challenge . . . now to think of my word. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looking fwd to some home-style inspiration!

    I love my Juki, but I see now that it is missing the darling Turtle and Hare. I want to upgrade just for that..

  3. Hom eis where the heart is - definitely! I am so happy you blogged and that our paths have criss-crossed many times here on our screens xxx

  4. Such a lovely blog post Lisa! Home is truly what you make it whether it's the four walls where you sleep to your lil home on the internet!

  5. Love your word. Blogging has been wonderful for so many of us. The friends I have met along the way are amazing.

  6. A perfect word! Home is my favorite place to be!

  7. What a great word for 2016! I'm so glad you made your mini and joined Elm Street Quilts word 16.

  8. Home is where the Heart is! I love your word for 2016! Thank you for sharing! xo jan Sew and Sow Farm

  9. I love your word for 2016 - HOME. So appropriate.

  10. My parcel arrived today, thank you so much. I have not used Aurifil thread before and am looking forward to trying it out. The charm packs will go together very well and I have a pattern in mind for them. I also look forward to trying the little thimble dots on my next hand sewing project.


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