Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pity Party Giveaway


Welcome to the Pity Party!

Hi all! It has been a rough couple weeks here on the home front for me!

I love this blog and all the friends I have made over the last two years but there are times when I don't know how or what to share. How much do I put out there without worrying about offending someone or hurting another feelings.

My Grandchildren mean the world to me but at times everything gets to be a little to much for me. For the last 10 days we had both children and they were sick.

I have deadlines I have missed and projects that have gone undone, much less started!

I have throw my back out, am on new medicines, and now have the kids cold!

I will get back to the business of creating as soon as I feel better!

I think this is what some would say a "pity party"!

Oh yes, it is snowing here in the hills of West Virginia! It was almost 70 degrees yesterday and today cold. So, maybe that is also causing my whiney attitude. Hopefully, in a day or two I will be cheerful and productive. Until then I am stuck in bed!

Why you ask do I tell you all this because I would rather post something than nothing for weeks at a time.

So, if you have made it this far you deserve something for listening!


How about a quart bag full of fabric scraps to cheer us up!

I know I have some April Showers and great combos of Modern Yardage. I will even throw in some scraps from the awesome Hawthorne Threads Scrap Bags I got recently!

How to Enter?

Open to everyone who has an address Worldwide!

1. You get one comment to add to the Pity Party!
(you know I think I am feeling better already)

Starts today and ends next Sunday, April 20, 2014, at Midnight! Tell your friends about the Pity Party and lets see who wins!

Thank you for listening, Lisa

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bloggers Beware

Wendy at The Crafter's Apprentice Sent me an email that my work and that of many others was being pirated! But I don't even know what kind of website it really is?

Quilt Patterns Pro I do say it almost looks like Bloglovin?

Any ideas?
Blogger's you might want to see if you are there too! Not just links but whole post's!

But they are doing in through feedburner which is our RSS Feeds. After you login to feedburner go under Analyze and under uncommon uses. I bet you find them there!

On a sweeter note Zoey is visiting! Poor George she has decided he is hers.

Thank you for stopping by