Friday, September 14, 2018

Mushroom Sew Along

Mushroom Sew Along

The Mushroom Sew Along was on Instagram until August 28th, hundreds of these cute mushrooms where made and posted! 

Vechernie Posidelki Mushroom Tutorial the tutorial for the mushrooms is in another language but you can get the idea on how to make one by looking through Vechernie Pattern! 

The sew along was ran by Paola  @loveoffabric Love Of Fabrics and was great fun!

To view all the mushrooms made look under the Instagram hashtag #mushroomsewalong !

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11, 2018

17 years ago today America was attacked by Terrorist! 
 I still feel like it was yesterday! So much harm was done in one day to the American way of life.  It is still hard to put into words the anger I still feel today! I hope 
we are safer today than we where then!

Safeguards are in place so it cannot happen again! 

But if we forget the past, and don’t remain vigilant, it could happen in the future!

Take time today to research September 11, 2001, if you where little and don’t remember!  Those who remember please never forget what 
this country has been through!

Say a prayer for all those who lost their lives and their families who still struggle with the loss of their family member! Because it never ends for them!

Say another pray for all those First Responders who died or where injured trying to save lives! There where so many who didn’t even know what was happening and ran to do their jobs no matter what it cost them! Their families are still left without their loved ones! 

Thousands died that day right here in America!  So let it not be forgotten!

This may not be much of tribute but a reminder to know the history of our country! Watch a video from that day, they are all over the internet! Yes it will make you uncomfortable it should! So you know why we have to keep our country safe and have Military to guard our borders and beyond! Know why our airports pull random people for  inspection! Be grateful they do!

Watch this YouTube Video

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Spelling Bee wrap up

The last Saturday of Spelling Bee Saturday and I am sorry it is over. The folks at the 
Fat Quarter Shop made this delightful wrap up video for week 44.

Thanks for watching! Lisa

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Spelling Bee Week 43

Week 43 of Spelling Bee Sew Along 
with the Fat Quarter Shop! I have really enjoyed the sew along and appreciate the Fat Quarter Shop for letting me participate. This is a book we all need in our quilting libraries.

The Spelling Bee is by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet and features complete instructions for 100 letter, number, punctuation and picture blocks in two sizes plus 18 quilt projects!

My block for week 43 is the Hyphen.  Hyphen (-) block using Modern Minis by Lori Holt Of Bee in my Bonnet for Riley Blake Designs and Bee Backgrounds Gray Crossstitch Yardage for the background.
I just love Lori Holt’s Modern Minis!

Please stop by Greg of 
Grey Dogwood Studio to see his block for today.  

Just one more week of the sew along left with the Fat Quarter Shop. You can see the complete list of the Bloggers can be found at

Thank you for Sewing Along with us!
Until next time - Lisa

Thursday, July 26, 2018

DIY Infinity Scarf

Project Remix

A scarf in the Summer!
It is super soft, lightweight, and brings color to your day!

Tutorial by Crystal of Hello Creative Family 

I am doing a one month challenge of only using Sewtites 
(No pins or clips) and they worked perfect sewing the end together!

The pattern is great for beginners and does not take very long to complete!
It only took me 30 minutes to complete.

The Fabric
Pick a fabric you think is gorgeous,
 that you don’t want to cut all up and sew back together.
  It is perfect and stands out all on its own!
I bought this fabric over 2 years ago second hand. 
 I knew it was vintage and prewashed.  
It is a vintage lawn that we figured out.  
Who made it nothing positive.
Looks like, feels like, but couldn’t find it in a database of Liberty.
It is 2 beautiful yards of Vintage Lawn and so soft!

Share with #DIYinfinityscarf

This project is easy to make, perfect as a gift or for yourself.  Be sure to share your projects using #diyinfinityscarf and tag @fatquartershop so they can see and share your work! Take a look at all the others scarves today on the Fat Quarter Shop blog Thank you for stopping by today!

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